What You Don't Know About Pop My Pet's Dr. Cody Creelman

Dr. Cody Creelman is a Canadian veterinarian known as the "Cow Vet." He runs Alberta, Canada's Veterinary Agri-Health Services. Ruralist notes that Creelman focuses a lot of his energy on rural communities, and that he uses "his vet experience, entrepreneurial endeavors, and business savvy to directly impact rural communities and to provide services to local cattle ranchers in Alberta." Additionally, "he also uses social media, his podcast, and vlog to share daily veterinary stories in an educational – and extremely entertaining – way."

Combining veterinary science with vlogging is a pretty novel idea, and it's been one that has propelled Dr. Creelman to internet stardom. Now, the Cow Vet is preparing for a new role: he will join fellow vets Dr. Jackie Duenas and Dr. Grant Dunbar on the Discovery+ series Pop My Pet. The show debuts on the streaming service on March 1, 2021, and viewers will see the team of vets as they help animals with "a variety of skin and other ailments and change their lives for the better" (via Discovery). It's like Dr. Pimple Popper for pets!

Dr. Cody Creelman has been focused on his social media branding

Dr. Cody Creelman has been diligently building his social media presence for the last nine years. A feature in the Canadian magazine airdrielife Magazine notes that the celebrated vet now boasts over 200,000 Facebook followers and over 49,000 YouTube subscribers. He explained, "I wanted my name to be synonymous with my profession from a marketing standpoint. Cody Creelman, Cow Vet has been a fun brand creation, and ... it's allowed me to do a lot of fun things I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise." 

The magazine also writes that Dr. Creelman left his private practice to travel the United States with his wife Diana and three kids. He supports the family through a combination of consulting jobs, speaking at events, and now, the Discovery+ series. 

Of course, building this kind of career takes time and effort. Where his days used to begin at 6am, waking up with his kids before "tending to the office and field aspects of a vet practice, shoulder-deep preg-testing hundreds of cows; filming throughout, then returning home to eat, edit, and post a video at 2am," Pop My Pet gives him more freedom, more notoreity, and likely, more money.