Why Royal Fans Want Harry And Meghan To Postpone The Air Date Of Their Oprah Interview

Calendars worldwide are being marked for the much-anticipated Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The two-hour sit-down has been touted as a no-holds-barred discussion of the couple's life both during their time as working royals and after their "Megxit" decision to pursue their own goals in America. Preview clips teased in recent days have shown the couple talking about how "incredibly tough" the last few years have been, and Oprah remarking, "You've said some pretty shocking things here" (via Harper's Bazaar). People are already commenting on the duchess's choice of outfit: a stunning Armani wrap dress (just right for highlighting her baby bump) and a bracelet that belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. CNET also predicts that adorable toddler Archie will make an appearance at some point during the special. 

While royal fans are eagerly awaiting the March 7 air date, family members are reportedly less enthused. Prince William is said to know nothing about what will be revealed in the interview, but royal sources say the event is likely to cause more friction between him and his younger brother (via Daily Mail). Now a new crisis within the family is causing concern over the timing of the special.

Some feel the timing of the Oprah interview is in poor taste

In the time since the Sussexes sat down with the media queen last month, Prince Philip's health has taken a turn for the worse. The Duke of Edinburgh has been hospitalized since mid-February, and on March 1, he was transferred to St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London for treatment of an unspecified infection and monitoring of a pre-existing heart condition. In light of this turn of events, many royal watchers feel that the Oprah interview should be postponed for the time being.

Sources close to the palace have told The Sun that the royal family is "pretty appalled" at the thought of Harry and Meghan's revelations being shared with the public at a time when his grandfather is so ill. It's said that one particular area of concern is that Meghan might have told Oprah she felt "silenced" by her in-laws. British press are urging the prince to talk to CBS about setting a new air date, but it's not yet known whether he has done so. In fact, unnamed sources have told The Mirror that the network will go ahead with the broadcast, no matter what the circumstances. If, heaven forbid, the duke's condition declines by the 7th and the show still airs, we can expect a storm of reaction from both sides of the pond.