Bling Empire: The Truth About Guy Tang's Hair Brand Mydentity

Between 2020 and 2021, most people have definitely done two things: watched a lot of Netflix and thought about dying their hair more than once. With so many people self-quarantining, binge-watching is real and one of those shows was most likely Bling EmpireThe Netflix reality series follows some of the wealthiest Asians and Asian-Americans living in Los Angeles. The show gained popularity for being a perfect mix of Crazy Rich Asians and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

According to Ellea second season has yet to be confirmed, but fans definitely have their fingers crossed. If another season does happen, viewers are hoping to see more drama between Anna and Christine with a bit of Kevin crushing on Kelly. Plus, a new season could mean there's more time to explore other characters who didn't get as much screen time, like hairstylist Guy Tang. If you don't know much about Tang, according to Bustlethe YouTuber has his own line of hair color products called Mydentity. 

Guy Tang's Mydentity isn't available to everyone (yet)

Guy Tang's Mydentity isn't just a line of hair colors and products but was created with his signature Instagrammable shades in mind. The product line includes colors such as Dusty Lavender, Silver Smoke, and Rose Gold, according to Allure. Aside from getting your dream hair color, each product is made with a lavender fragrance, so you'll be getting a fresh 'do that smells amazing as well. 

Unfortunately, Mydentity products are not quite ready for at-home coloring sessions. According to the Mydentity site, their products are only available to licensed professionals. So, even though you can browse the amazing colors like Pink Glow and Silver Pearl, you'll need a cosmetology license number in order to checkout. Though, as Glamour points out, that could be a good thing. You don't want to mess up your dream hair goals by doing a bad at-home hair dye while watching a Netflix showInstead, you can talk to your stylist and see if they can order some Mydentity for you to help you achieve your dream, Insta-worthy look.