Inside The Relationship Of Temptation Island's Kristen And Julian

Unlike other reality dating shows, USA Network's Temptation Island puts the bond of already-established couples to the test. To put it simply, each couple is there to survive the ultimate temptation: A private resort in paradise chock full of desirable singles on the prowl. Throughout the course of the reality show, now in its third season, four couples put their love to the test by agreeing to live with a group of singles of the opposite sex in a resort in Maui, Hawaii. Essentially, each couple will be forced to decide between staying together or breaking up by the season's end (via Variety).


Given the sheer number of breakups that the show has spurred, viewers of season three of Temptation Island have plenty of reasons to expect utter chaos and heartbreak to unfold in just a short span of time. Fun fact: Out of the eight couples who appeared on the show in the two previous seasons of Temptation Island, only two couples are known to have made it work since appearing on the show (per Cheatsheet).

This season, Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen's 11-year-long relationship is the longest of all the couples on the show — but that doesn't necessarily mean their union is unbreakable (via USA Network).

Julian and Kristen will have to work hard to overcome past mistakes

Kristen and Julian first met and fell in love in high school. Despite the fact that they have been dating for 11 years, a few past transgressions have forced the couple to reevaluate their love for one another. Julian admits that he cheated on Kristen twice, and, though the couple has remained together through both indiscretions, Kristen has never truly forgiven him. Until Julian feels as though Kristen has forgiven him and moved on from his past mistakes, he is hesitant to take the next step in the relationship — popping the question (per USA Network).


So, instead of going to a few therapy sessions, the New Jersey couple is fast-tracking the healing process with a visit to Temptation Island. Kristen, a physical therapist, and Julian, a personal trainer and former Cleveland Browns tight end, did not appear on each other's Instagram feeds for nearly two years leading up to the announcement that they would be appearing on Temptation Island.

Could Temptation Island save this couple? You know what they say: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, let's try to work out our differences on Temptation Island.

Witness the couple's progress by tuning into the season's fourth episode on March 9 on USA Network.