What Happened To Danielle Bergman And Bobby Dodd From Married At First Sight?

The hit Lifetime series Married at First Sight has been a national reality TV treasure ever since its launch in July 2014, and while many of the couples make the difficult choice on Decision Day to go their separate ways, some couples are in it for the long run.

Fans were introduced to Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd on the show's season 7 premiere back in 2018, alongside two other couples: Maia Bailey and Tristan Thompson (no, not that Tristan Thompson) and Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty.

While two of the couples chose to get divorced on Decision Day, Bergman and Dodd declared their love for one another and chose to stay married. She told him on the day, "I'm just completely head over heels in love with you. This is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me," (via Screen Rant). Their decision to stay together has worked out pretty well for the couple, too, considering the fact that they're still together and just welcomed a new addition to their family at the end of 2020!

Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd welcomed their first child in 2019

Danielle Bergman gave birth to her and Bobby Dodd's first child in February of 2019, and issued a statement about their newborn daughter, Olivia Nicole Dodd, shortly after she was welcomed into the world.

"Olivia Nicole is finally here and her dad and I are absolutely enamored with her," Bergman said in a statement to People. "The second we laid eyes on her, we both knew that she is exactly what we waited our whole lives for. She is absolutely perfect in every way, neither of us ever thought we could love something so fast and fierce but we have from the second she arrived."

However, the birth of their daughter was scary and traumatic for both Bergman and Todd. In an emotional essay the couple penned for People nearly a year after Olivia's birth, Bergman revealed that she was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, a series of symptoms thought to be similar to preeclampsia, a complication characterized by high blood pressure and risk to organs, such as the liver (via the Mayo Clinic). According to the National Pregnancy Association, HELLP syndrome is rare and affects 0.2 to 0.6 percent of pregnancies.

The pair welcomed their second child to end 2020

Almost two years after their daughter's birth, the MAFS couple shared more joyful news, this time about their son, Robert Elvin Dodd IV. Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd released a statement to E! on Dec. 16, 2020, about their newest family addition: "We are SO excited to announce the birth of our baby boy; Robert Elvin Dodd lV," the couple said in their statement. "This time around we got the birth story of our dreams, given the circumstances. Because symptoms of HELLP were beginning to set in, we were induced three weeks early but were able to have a smooth and peaceful birth!"

Since the birth of their second child, it looks like Bergman and Dodd have been soaking up every precious minute of life as a family of four, as detailed on the couple's respective Instagram accounts. Most recently, the couple celebrated their daughter's second birthday on Feb. 16 — but Bergman admitted the celebration didn't go exactly as planned, thanks to the devastating winter storms that plagued their home state of Texas last month. "This was not how I was expecting to spend Olivia's 2nd birthday at all! This Texas storm has been crazier than we even imagined," Bergman shared in a lengthy Instagram post.

Storms aside, though, it looks like this fan-favorite MAFS couple is still going strong!