Inside Sacha Baron Cohen's Marriage With Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen may be best known for his 2006 film Borat and his portrayal of Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakhstani journalist sent to the United States to make a documentary about the country, who subsequently becomes obsessed with Pamela Anderson. He recently won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for the sequel Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, and his wife, Isla Fisher, was by his side when he accepted the award.

Outrageous characters aside, in his real life, Sacha Baron Cohen is a total family man. While the couple married in 2010, their relationship actually dates back to 2001, when they met in Fisher's homeland of Australia (via Insider). Cohen told The New York Times in October 2020 that when he met Fisher, he found her "hilarious" and was immediately taken with her personality, "We were at a very pretentious party, and me and her bonded over taking the mick out of the other people in the party. I knew instantly. I don't know if she did."

Fisher told People in an interview to close out last year that Cohen was the reason why she got into comedy, which ultimately led to her breakout role in 2005's Wedding Crashers. The mother-of-three said of her marriage, "We will be celebrating 19 years together this year [2020]. I feel very fortunate."

Isla Fisher says life with Cohen is unpredictable

During a December 2020 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Isla Fisher opened up about being married to Sacha Baron Cohen (via Cinema Blend). After introducing Fisher as the "bride of Borat," Kimmel recalled his most recent encounter with the comedian. "The last time he was on the show, he made me strip down to my underwear and he took my pants home," Kimmel explained. Not surprisingly, Fisher responded by making it clear that Cohen keeps it funny at home, too. "Yeah... Welcome to my life!" she joked. 

She also spoke about what their life was like during the filming of Borat 2. "Luckily he doesn't really tell me when he's going to do super dangerous stuff until he's done it," she told Kimmel (via We Got This Covered). She said she assisted with the editing process this time around, though one of her jokes didn't make the final cut of the film. As for working together, she confessed, "I'm sure my husband will tell you I get too opinionated."

Fisher called Cohen her best friend back in 2012 in an interview with Australia's Sunday Telegraph. "Life is filled with highs and lows," she said. "And you have a best friend to share it with you. It's amazing. It's like winning the lottery, having a good partner." Fisher and Cohen married in Paris in 2010 with six guests in attendance. They have three children: Olive (born in 2007), Eula (2010), and Montgomery (2015). The family moved from LA to Sydney in 2020 (via Insider).