What Does It Mean When Your Left Foot Itches?

If your left foot itches, you might first simply think of the health-related reasons for it — an allergy, a mosquito bite, or a rash. But if the itching feels more otherworldly than that, there are several superstitions related to an itchy foot. Across several cultures, getting the urge to scratch your foot has a plethora of symbolism attached to it, with meanings that might leave you mind-blown. And although itching in either foot can be symbolic, the left foot is a bit more sinister.

According to Aunty Flo, itchy feet signify travel. As she writes, in the 1930s, many people related feet to a journey, or travel, and having "itchy feet" is still a common saying about wanderlust today. However, there are vast differences between the meanings behind an itchy right foot and left foot.

While a right foot itching can simply mean forthcoming travel, a need to plan for a journey, and that the trip will be financially lucrative, an itchy left foot means quite the opposite. Aunty Flo states that itching at the top of the left foot means that the journey might not be enjoyable, while itching around the bottom of the left toe means losses might be experienced on the trip. These losses can be related to people, money, or time.

It is clear that an itchy right foot generally signifies positive omens related to travel, while needing to scratch your left foot is a bit more worrisome. But other legends bring up totally different meanings altogether.

Other meanings behind an itchy left foot

Apart from superstitions related to a negative travel experience, other legends explore very distinct meanings for an itchy left foot. For example, indigenous folklore says that an itchy foot means someone is walking over the place you will be buried in one day, but does not indicate a difference between the right or left foot (via Paranormal Authority). Some experts also relate an itchy left foot to any kind of unpleasant situation when you're not home (not necessarily travel-related), or connect it to a difficult inner journey after a traumatic event.

Other unexpected meanings behind an itching left foot? Some say it means that your shoes will break soon, and that you will need a new pair, while others believe it signifies sorrow (via Everyday Know). Some go so far as to say it means failure, overall bad luck, or even being unable to sit still. Moreover, in Hinduism, an itchy left foot can signify "a failed journey," which, as mentioned previously, can have a literal or symbolic meaning (via The Star). 

In short, although an itchy left foot is most likely to mean something physical, such as an insect bite or even circulation, it's still interesting to know what the age-old reasons are behind our ailments — which might end up having some truth to them after all!