Here's How You Can Watch Every Episode Of OutDaughtered

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First airing in 2016, OutDaughtered has become a fan-favorite on TLC. Currently, the series is in season nine, with over 60 episodes and counting under its belt. Watching episode one, it's easy to see why fans fell in love with the show, which follows the first-ever all-girl set of quintuplets in the country, via TLC.

The show is led by parents Danielle and Adam Busby, who welcomed their five new additions — Hazel, Riley, Parker, Ava, and Olivia — on camera alongside their older daughter, Blayke. Episode one (via Amazon) shows their birth along with them arriving home for the first time – a feat that wasn't easy for the new family of eight — after spending four months in the NICU. As episodes aired, fans relished watching the girls grow up, from newborn babies to full-blown toddlers, and witnessing them all form their own unique personalities.

Throughout the past eight seasons of OutDaughtered, fans have seen the Busby family go through ups and downs, from their family vacations — fans loved the Disney cruise episode in season 5 (via Amazon) — to unhappier times like Hazel's eye issues and surgery.

Season 9 of OutDaughtered is currently underway

After a shortened season 8 and self-shot finale, the new season of OutDaughtered has officially begun (via Cheat Sheet). As the season starts, we get to see the Busby family attempting to return to normal after lockdown. The rest of the season promises good times and bad. According to People, viewers will see all the quints entering kindergarten, an exciting time for the whole family. On the other hand, the series has also teased a mysterious illness that Danielle is facing, a roadblock made even more difficult with six children. "I'm trying to navigate how to adjust what we do at home with being a mom and being healthy and doing the things that I need to do," Danielle told People. "So it's a journey." Fans will see her struggle, and hope she finds some answers, as the season progresses.

If you want to catch up with the Busby family, you can stream all past seasons of OutDaughtered for free via your cable provider on TLC. All eight seasons are also available on Amazon Prime and YouTube TV. Seasons 3 and 4 are available on Hulu.