Whatever Happened To Temptation Island's John And Kady?

Temptation Island, USA Network's hit reality show, is pretty much exactly what its title sounds like: Four couples travel to the idyllic Hawaiian island of Maui and are confronted with temptation via attractive singles of the opposite sex, with whom they live for the duration of the show and are a "more compatible" match (via NBC News).

While each "coupled" member of the show has lots of chances to connect with the single folks, they don't have the opportunity to see their partner for 30 days, which is to say, until the season's conclusion (via Cosmopolitan). And even though the contestants on the show are not competing for money, some might say they are competing for the greatest prize of all: Knowing their partner can stay faithful in the face of, well, temptation.

With season 6 of Temptation Island currently airing, you might find yourself wondering, "What happened to John and Kady from season 1?"

Living happily ever after ... separately

Having met on Bumble, Kady Cannon Krambeer and John Thurmond entered season 1 of Temptation Island after dating for three years (via TVOverMind). However, they each had their doubts as to whether or not the other was "the one," and went to the titular temptation island with the goal of finding out.

The answer, as it turns out, was no. While on the show, Kady found herself drawn to Dr. Johnny, a sports chiropractor from New York City (via Pop Culture). The two became close over the course of the season, with Kady later telling Cupid's Pulse her attraction to him stemmed from the fact that he is "so charismatic, and he is loud and outgoing."

John, for his part, started spending time with a different single, Katheryn Goldyn (via E! Online). Despite this, both Kady and John left the island single, and decided to give things one more shot (via TVOvermind). However, that didn't quite pan out, and Kady told Sarah Scoop in April 2020 the two are no longer in communication.

One thing Kady does credit Temptation Island with? Giving her the platform she needed to start her own marketing firm, Kannon Marketing. And, as of September 2020, she had a new man in her life, posting a picture with him on Instagram and writing, "I kinda like this guy ... Guess I'll keep him around a little while longer."

As for John? He's still single, according to CheatSheet.