Whatever Happened To Temptation Island's Evan And Morgan?

Reality-dating series Temptation Island follows four couples as they travel to a romantic paradise filled with eligible singletons, and are faced with the ultimate relationship test. Following the dramatic season one finale, viewers were left with a string of unanswered questions surrounding the show's cast. But what happened to Evan and Morgan, who became an item on the show, since leaving Temptation Island?

Fans of the series will recall that Evan arrived on the island with long-term girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Kaci (via Digital Spy). The pair were at a crossroads in their relationship and appeared to grow further apart throughout their stint on the island. This eventually led Evan into the arms of fellow contestant Morgan, who he later decided to leave the island with, bringing his relationship with Kaci to an end. The drama didn't end there, however, because in the show's explosive final episode, Evan also proposed to Morgan and the pair left the show as an engaged couple.

Sadly, Evan and Morgan's fairytale ended with a very public break-up in early 2020, when Morgan exclusively revealed to Us Weekly that the pair had ended their engagement. 

Morgan accused Evan of cheating

Speaking on the Watch With Us podcast, Morgan explained she was previously "giddy and excited" about her future with Evan. However, she went on to accuse "calculated" Evan of cheating on her, said she was forced to support him financially, and recounted the moment their relationship came to an abrupt end. "He started a fight and walked out. I was thinking, 'He's just being dramatic as usual,' then he was actually gone. He left. It was planned and I had no earthly idea about it. It just goes to show that he's very calculated," she revealed. 

Months earlier, Morgan had shared cheating accusations on social media, tweeting, "Is it ever okay for an ENGAGED man to leave his fiancé across the country to 'work' but actually has nightly sleepovers with 21yo Instagram models?" Evan appeared to respond to cheating allegations in April 2020, when he shared an apologetic tweet which read, "I am so sorry, Morgan." 

In an unexpected turn of events, Morgan and Evan's ex-girlfriend, Kaci, have since bonded over their shared experiences. Speaking to Us Weekly, Kaci said she "always knew" Morgan and Evan's relationship wouldn't last. "I just knew it was a matter of time and I hoped and I prayed that it would happen before they got married and have kids." She concluded, "I'm definitely not surprised."