Here's How Andrew Cuomo's Daughters Just Showed Support For Their Dad

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may be facing down accusations of sexual misconduct and bullying, but he continues to have the support of the women in his family, and they took to social media to prove it.

His daughters Mariah and Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo and his sister Maria Cuomo Cole have all gone on Twitter to share an endorsement by actor Billy Baldwin calling for the embattled New York governor to be considered innocent until he is proven otherwise. The actor tweeted: "I have known the entire Cuomo family since the 1980s. I have tremendous respect & admiration for every single one of them. Don't you think, after 40 years as a New York public servant, he deserves and has earned the right to an investigation before everybody rushes to judgment?"

Michaela Cuomo took the extra step of retweeting another endorsement from a medical practitioner who reminded social media that: "Millions of New Yorkers voted for Governor Andrew Cuomo. Forcing his resignation based on accusations alone without waiting for the results of an independent investigation currently underway will disenfranchise millions of American voters without examining the facts and evidence." Her sister Mariah pinned a tweet with a shot of the three Cuomo sisters with their dad and the caption: "New year, same #nytough fam!"

Cuomo supporters are calling for the governor to stay the course

In expressing their support for Baldwin's statement, a few also recalled the last time the Dems hounded out one of their own — Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who stepped down after just three weeks after someone accused him of sexual misconduct. He later said he regretted stepping down so quickly, and said he wished his case had been taken up by the Senate Ethics Committee instead (via BBC).

Supporters want to see due process to be carried out in Cuomo's case, particularly in light of all he did for the state at the beginning of the COVID crisis. One supporter even used Billy Baldwin's tweet to remind social media that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was one of those who had pushed Franken to resign, by sharing a quote and a clip featuring NYU Professor Scott Galloway who said: "Women and people of color lost one of their most powerful advocates when Kirsten Gillibrand decided to disappear Al Franken so she could have a 7-minute run for president. And we're in the midst of a pile-on right now ... we need to be the party of due process. We need to slow down, let these women be heard and not just pile on."