Body Language Expert Explains The Real Meaning Of Taylor Swift's Reaction To Harry Styles' Grammy Win

One of the most entertaining parts of any awards show is not what is said in the speeches of the winners, since this usually runs along the same predictable lines (I want to thank my third grade teacher, my podiatrist, my tax attorney, my favorite Starbucks barista...), but rather, what is revealed by the reactions of the losers. For the true aficionado, knowing a bit of the backstory behind your favorite celebs and how they're likely to react to each other's failures and successes only adds to the drama.

One such situation was in place with this year's Best Pop Solo Performance since the list of nominees included a pair who had once been a couple: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. The former was the winner, and the latter ... well, she apparently wasn't too upset at her loss, as she was seen applauding Styles' speech (F-bomb and all). Was Swift sincerely happy for her rival/ex? The List spoke with Beverly Hills career coach and body language expert Lauren Cohen to get her take on the situation.

Swift's true emotions were a tough read but her intent was clear

Cohen pointed out that the fact that Swift was wearing a mask made it a little more difficult to read her facial expression, but did say that her eye movements and crow's feet seemed to indicate that she could have been smiling beneath that mask. She noted, however, that Swift "rocked her body and clapped pretty passionately," using exaggerated movements to send a clear message to the viewing audience that she is "supportive and happy" despite her history with Styles and any disappointment she may have felt on her own behalf.

As Cohen reminded us, Swift was obviously aware that "cameras would be glued to her reaction no matter what the outcome was." While she may, in fact, have felt the sting of losing to an ex (much worse than just plain losing, which still sucks), Cohen's takeaway is that "Taylor Swift wanted to be liked and come across as supportive and gracious last night." Well, she succeeded, so props to her for doing the right thing ... plus, that Album of the Year Grammy she did take home wasn't exactly a booby prize.