Everyone's Buzzing About This Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Moment At The Grammys

When it was announced that both Taylor Swift and Harry Styles would be performing at the 2021 Grammys, many fans were wondering if the two exes might cross paths at some point during the show. Though there were major social distancing precautions put into place due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Swift and Styles were both up for the award of Best Pop Solo Performance (via Hollywood Life). It was Styles who would end up taking home the award for "Watermelon Sugar," but there were no hard feelings from Swift who could be seen applauding the singer (via Elle). 

The support was very different than the slight dig Swift made at Styles when she opened the Grammys back in 2013. According to Yahoo!, when Swift performed her song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," she allegedly took a shot at Styles by imitating his British accent during the song. It's been over eight years since the two called it quits in January 2013, and fans are so happy to see the two Grammy-winning artists are on good terms now (via Bustle).

Styles and Swift have recently shown their support for one another

Like Elle news and strategy editor Alyssa Bailey said on Twitter, "We love to see it," i.e., Taylor Swift supporting her ex. In a clip tweeted by Ryan Schocket, you can also see Swift enthusiastically nodding her head, knowing that Styles truly deserves his first Grammy win. This support comes just a year after Styles said in an interview that he's flattered by Swift's songs about him on the 1989 album (via Elle). He said that when it comes to Swift, he knows "they're good songs" so he respects them. 

Now that Swift is happily in a relationship with The Favourite actor Joe Alwyn and Styles is newly linked to his Don't Worry Darling director, Olivia Wilde, it seems these two exes have happily moved on (via Marie Claire). Perhaps, they're at such a good place now that there's a possibility of a potential song together in their future. That's just what fans on Twitter are hoping for, like one user who tweeted, "Please god give us a Harry styles Taylor swift song." You never know, we could see these two sharing the stage together in a future Grammys show.