Tammy Slaton Responds To Rumors She Attacked A Nurse

Tammy Slaton has been having a difficult time of late, and a recent rumor isn't helping matters any. In the second season of TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy faced a number of challenges: the souring of her relationship with boyfriend Jerry; her loving but tumultuous relationship with sister Amy; a bout with COVID-19 that landed her in the hospital. The most serious issue, however, continues to be her size. Despite doctors' warnings and the best efforts of her family, Tammy has struggled with her eating issues and hasn't lost the weight she needs to qualify for gastric surgery. The end of the season showed her investigating assisted living facilities where her health and diet could be closely monitored (via Celeb Dirty Laundry). 

What has happened since the cameras stopped filming? The gossip site SoapDirt recently ran a progress report on Tammy, confirming that she did indeed find a facility able to care for her. They then referenced unsourced rumors that Tammy had "[slapped] a nurse at the facility across the face," and that as a result of her attitude, the facility was releasing her. "Hopefully, she's able to find a new place that will help her lose weight," said the site. 

The story caught the attention of at least one of Tammy's Instagram followers, who wrote, "I heard you smacked a nurse. Why Tammy?" The reality star wasn't having it.

Tammy tells her fans not to believe everything they hear

Slaton responded to the question: "That is so not true. [I]f you believe that you are as dumb as a box of rocks." She soon followed up with a video (seen here) in which she addressed her fan base directly: "Seriously, y'all ... y'all going to have to stop believing everything you hear and see ... I would never, in a thousand years, hit or kick or bite or throw something at a nurse." That seems to be her final word on the subject; her next post was a photo of a picture frame she decorated for her new nephew, Amy's son Gage.

It may be worth noting that Tammy didn't deny being in a situation where she might encounter a nurse. Her recent videos include background noises such as voices and a beeping machine, as well as what appears to be a portable hospital table in front of her. All this suggests that if she was indeed admitted to a facility, she hasn't been "kicked out." 

Fans are pulling for her, giving her messages of support such as "Praying for you and wishing you all the best!" and "The important people believe you, Tammy. Stay safe and strong!" Whether they'll be seeing more of Tammy's journey on TV, though, is up in the air. Recently, she told a fan on TikTok that she wasn't sure she would appear in a third season of 1000-Lb Sisters.