1000-Lb. Sisters' Amy Slaton Reveals Her Future Family Plans

They say that two are better than one, and that's certainly true in the case of TLC's 1000-Lb. Sisters. The series centers on sisters and YouTube stars Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton Halterman, both trying to overcome morbid obesity while managing the ups and downs of their personal lives.

The series is about to wrap its second season, and a lot has happened to the Kentucky pair in just a few months. Tammy's boyfriend Jerry came for an extended stay, but Amy and her husband, Mike, worried that Jerry was sabotaging Tammy's weight-loss efforts. Tammy's health was a concern as well; she contracted COVID and developed breathing issues, and by the season finale, her hopes of losing enough weight to safely qualify for bariatric surgery seemed to be slipping away. Viewers also learned that Tammy identifies as a pansexual, meaning she can potentially be attracted to anyone of any gender or sexual orientation.

Amy, meanwhile, was overjoyed when she learned she was pregnant, but her journey to motherhood was also drama-filled. She'd undergone gastric bypass surgery only a few months earlier, and her doctor was worried about her health and the baby's. Indeed, Amy had some panicky moments during her pregnancy, such as an episode of severe pain that sent her to the ER. When she went into labor, Amy needed a C-section because the baby was in the breech position. Her new son was found to have low blood sugar, so he needed testing and monitoring before Amy was finally able to hold him for the first time.

Amy Slaton would like a sister for Gage

The series concluded filming in late 2020, so fans may have been surprised to see recent photos Amy Slaton posted to her Instagram page. Little Gage Deon Halterman is going on 4 months old, and has already started teething, according to his proud mom. He's been shown sporting outfits ranging from cute striped onesies to jeans to a Woody cowboy costume. 

Like any mother, Amy has gotten plenty of advice on topics such as remedies for the aforementioned teething (frozen washcloth vs. amber teething necklaces), and concern over a picture of Gage lying near a pillow that didn't seem clean enough for viewers' taste. Naturally, someone couldn't resist asking the question all moms get: "Do you want more children, Amy?" Graciously, the reality star admitted, "Yes, one more." Another fan chimed in, "Do you want a boy or girl?" Amy truthfully replied, "Girl," adding that her mother-in-law doesn't have a granddaughter. "But I'll be happy with both," she said. 

Amy didn't mention any definite plans for the timing of a second child, but right now, she's focusing on the joy of her first. She also has other reasons to celebrate; she and Mike recently went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to commemorate their two-year wedding anniversary.