Who Is Everything But The House's Jacquie Denny?

We're counting the days to HGTV's latest mega-addictive show, and thrifters rejoice: this one's for us! Everything But the House premieres on HGTV on March 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and it's all about families in need of serious decluttering help (via HGTV). As families attempt to downsize on their hidden treasures, host Lara Spencer and antique expert Jacquie Denny help them sell their shockingly-valuable items. Like an Antiques Roadshow meets a home renovation series, you won't be able to get enough of this show. While host Lara Spencer is known for her television career on Good Morning America, get ready to be surprised at all the details on appraiser Jacquie Denny's life and career.

Cincinnati-based Jacquie Denny has been a prominent figure in estate and personal property sales in her city for years — so much so, that she created a multi-million dollar company designed around her passion (via Biz Journals). Bringing to life a website called Everything But the House, or EBTH, Denny pioneered the idea of an online marketplace for estate sales 11 years ago with her co-founder Brian Graves (via the Observer). The idea behind EBTH was to bring estate sales across the U.S. to one place online, with professional assistance to the sellers to avoid them underselling their valuables. 

As Denny told the Observer, when they first started more than a decade ago on EBTH, they had no competitors. The "fees, categorizing... and logistics" made it difficult to bring estate sales online, but Denny is always up for a challenge!

Denny turns 'trash' into cash

Jacquie Denny continued to explain to the Observer that EBTH served as a "concierge-style service," working with clients to sell, donate, and throw away — much like Lara and Jacquie will help out the HGTV show's families. With "dedication to clients" to achieve success, Denny solved estate sales all over the country, selling items as expensive as a $162,000 Josef Albers oil painting, and working with famous clients like Jason Biggs.

On the upcoming HGTV show, the estate-sale expert helps host Lara Spencer to uncover the families' hidden keepsakes, and authenticate them to understand their surprising value. Denny is a true specialist on the subject, having built a jewelry-authentication service in-house in her company (yup, lots of diamonds!), and bringing in several art authenticators. Coming on the show with nine EBTH staffers, the team makes "trash" into cash — and now we want a visit from them, too!

Even though Denny and Graves' website was massively successful, it sold in 2019 (via Biz Journal). That being said, watching Jacquie and thrifting-obsessed Lara uncover treasures on the show allows us to see that Denny is bringing her years of experience to EBTH in the best way, going through family objects like "social archaeology" (via Cincinnati Public Radio). As Denny told the station, being on the show was "a wonderful time" and thought to herself, "at 65, who would have thought that anyone would want to see me on TV?" We definitely do, and we're so excited for Everything But the House!