The Truth Of Amanda Bynes' Conservatorship

Framing Britney Spears exposed the rot at the heart of the pop star's rapid rise to fame and, later, infamy. The shocking documentary also exposed the allegedly inequitable nature of the conservatorship preventing Spears from spending her own money or making her own decisions. Most viewers didn't know what a conservatorship even was prior to watching Framing Britney Spears, but suffice to say the whole world is an expert now. And Spears isn't the only celebrity who's had to endure one over the years. 

As Cheat Sheet notes, wide-ranging stars — including The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, and TV host Casey Kasem — all had conservatorships at one time or another. Also included in their number is Amanda Bynes, who, like Spears, found fame at a young age before sadly turning into tabloid fodder as she grew up. The Nickelodeon breakout has taken steps in recent years to re-establish herself as a viable creative force. However, the specter of Amanda Bynes' strict conservatorship looms large. 

Amanda Bynes' mother is in control of her personal fortune

As E! News reports, Amanda Bynes' mother controls her finances and affairs and has done so for the better part of a decade. In a since-deleted Instagram video, the She's the Man star revealed she was petitioning the judge to reconsider the terms of her conservatorship so that she could shell out less for her ongoing psychiatric treatment. The former actress went on to apologize for bringing the mood down, reasoning she had to be honest about her situation. Bynes has been engaged for a while to on again, off again partner Paul Michael, whom she met in rehab, with her parents refusing to approve a legal marriage under the terms of her conservatorship.

The Amanda Show star's issues started back in 2013, when she was involved in several driving and drug-related incidents. She was hospitalized that year and later released into her parents' care to continue outpatient treatment. The retired actress' mother was subsequently granted control of her estate, estimated at the time to be worth in excess of $5 million, in 2014. Bynes has publicly struggled ever since, confirming she'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic depression, and telling Paper magazine that substance abuse "really messed up my brain" and "made me a completely different person." According to Cheat Sheet, Amanda Bynes' conservatorship has repeatedly been extended. 

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