What Priyanka Chopra's Body Language Was Really Saying During Her Oprah Interview

Priyanka Chopra sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a wide-ranging interview on topics including spirituality, her journey to self-confidence, and her relationship with husband Nick Jonas. In an exclusive interview with The List, body language expert Nicole Moore, who is also a life coach and relationship expert, broke down Chopra's body language during the interview and explained what the actress told us without using words.

When Oprah asked Chopra if she had a spiritual connection growing up, she explained that, growing up in India, she was exposed to a wide variety of religions. Chopra told Oprah that she is Hindu, the religion in which she was raised, and has a temple in her home where she prays (via YouTube). Moore noted that Chopra's "eyes crinkled as she smiled softly" when asked about her spirituality. 

"Typically, we crinkle our eyes in response to something we cherish and hold dear to our hearts," said Moore. "Priyanka's body language shows that she's not just a spiritual person but that she loves this part of herself so much. She cherishes her spiritual connection."

Priyanka Chopra's confidence and feelings about her relationship are things she can't hide

Oprah asked why Priyanka Chopra chose to write her memoir now, and she responded that it was the right time because she has self-love in her heart and more confidence now that she's in her 30s (via YouTube). Moore said that Chopra's body language shows she's telling the truth about feeling more confident. "When speaking about her confidence journey, there was a moment where Priyanka touched her hand to her heart, a clear body language indicator that she's telling the truth," Moore explained. "Her confidence is something that she feels within her heart now and that's why her hand rose to her heart when speaking."

They also discussed Chopra's relationship with husband Nick Jonas (via YouTube). Moore noted that the moment Oprah brought up her three-day wedding, Chopra "immediately smiled as wide as she could, crinkled her eyes, and leaned back in her chair and then started shaking her head." Moore said that you can't fake the type of excitement Chopra displayed. "Her feelings for Nick are genuine," Moore said. "Her body language showed that her excitement even at remembering her wedding is so big, that she literally had to lean back her body to take it all in."