Ana De Armas Just Addressed Whether She And Ben Affleck Are Back Together

We all collectively said, "aww," when we learned that Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck had broken up in January. A source told Page Six about a possible reason for the star couple's split, "The quarantine was unique because they had downtime and ­really got to know each other spending time at home. But once work picked up, things started to change."


The Knives Out actress reportedly lived with the dad of three according to Harper's Bazaar, but after she and Affleck ended their fling, Page Six reported she was seen looking for rental homes across town from her ex.

Flash forward to March, and the internet was buzzing that the duo may have gotten back together (via Fox News). It seems fans' tongues started wagging that Affleck and de Armas had reconciled after she wore a half-heart necklace in a photo that she also donned while dating her famous beau (via People). But a new series of posts from the actress seem to clear up the rumors.

Ana de Armas is just saying no

Taking to her Instagram Story this past weekend, the Cuban-born star shared a series of GIFs that included as many versions of the word "no" as ways Affleck's ex-wife Jennifer Garner rattles off in the beginning of her hit Netflix movie, Yes Day. P.S., read this before you watch Yes Day!


The 32-year-old also shared a video of Marilyn Monroe saying "no" to men surrounding her with the caption, "What she said." 

Fans have widely interpreted de Armas' posts as answering the question as to whether she is back with Affleck. And it seems the answer is a pretty definitive "no." He, meanwhile, has stayed mum on the topic as of time of writing.

And so, fans of the pair will likely have to take the actress' posts at face value and accept that for now, the famous exes are just that — exes.