This Is Why Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Really Divorced

These days, Orlando Bloom is known as the partner and baby daddy of superstar singer Katy Perry. But, there was a brief time, in the mid-2000s, that the British actor's name was often closely followed by that of supermodel Miranda Kerr. As Cheat Sheet notes, the gorgeous couple hooked up in 2007, when they were both at the height of their fame — she'd just become a Victoria's Secret Angel, and he was high off the success of his role in the hit Disney franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

They got engaged in 2010 and were married that very same year, with their son, Flynn, born the following January. However, just a couple years later, Bloom and Kerr announced their separation, finalizing their divorce in 2013 just months after revealing their shocking split to the world. Kerr subsequently found love with Evan Spiegel, while Bloom, obviously, settled down with Perry. So, what went wrong for these two glamorous people, whose relationship lasted longer than many others in Hollywood?

Things simply weren't out working between Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

Right off the bat, Orlando Bloom made it clear there was no bad blood between him and Miranda Kerr, telling Katie Couric in a 2013 interview they would always "love each other" (via the Irish Independent). He explained, "We're going to be in each other's lives for the rest of our lives. There's no question for the sake of our son and everything else, we're going to support one another and love each other as parents to Flynn." The Pirates of the Caribbean star kept quiet about what led to the split, though. 

He opined simply that sometimes, "life doesn't always work out exactly as we plan or hope for." As The Mirror notes, rumors Bloom's wild partying ways and out of control drinking led Kerr to divorce him were shot down by both parties. However, she subsequently admitted to ELLE Canada, "When Orlando and I separated, I actually fell into a really bad depression." Kerr admitted that, because she's a naturally positive person, the divorce hit her incredibly hard. 

The former couple continues to present a united front

In an interview with The Edit, Miranda Kerr hinted at where things went wrong between the couple, noting the divorce was the only option for them because, "We weren't bringing out the best in each other" (via Marie Claire). The Victoria's Secret star reiterated, however, that they will always remain on good terms. Bloom, meanwhile, told The Mirror there was "a period of instability" when the couple was first separating that they had to work through together. 

Thankfully, they ensured Flynn was a priority, and gradually figured out the best way to move forward as a family. Bloom and Kerr are total co-parenting goals now, with the Aussie gushing to Us Weekly"we're literally like family." She added, "He's like a brother to me. It's very weird, but we really care for each other and have a great relationship, so we're very lucky."