What You Don't Know About The Try Guys' Ned Fulmer

Ned Fulmer makes up one-quarter of The Try Guys. Since leaving BuzzFeed in 2018, they've released merch, a book, hot sauce, tea, and a documentary. On Kelsey Darragh's Confidently Insecure podcast, Fulmer revealed that leaving BuzzFeed, having his first baby, and renovating his house all happened in a matter of months. "I can't think that I planned all that at the same time but at one point I realized it and then there was nothing I could do about it," he said (via YouTube).

Fulmer details much of his life on social media. His Instagram is a collection of projects he has going on with The Try Guys as well as life at home with his family. His Buzzfeed profile notes that he joined the media company in 2013, and that's when he started producing videos with Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang. However, speaking on the Young and Profiting YouTube channel, Fulmer explained that he studied chemistry at Yale and had a career prior to going into entertainment.

About his decision to study sciences, he said, "I figured that I could do comedy with a chemistry degree but I couldn't do chemistry with a theatre degree. If things didn't work out and I wanted a totally different job it's pretty hard to do if you don't have a hard sciences degree."

Ned Fulmer hasn't shied away from putting his life out there, but here are some things you may not know about him.

Ned Fulmer has made videos outside of The Try Guys

Ned Fulmer started his career at BuzzFeed, but he told CBS Los Angeles (via YouTube) that he's used his experience producing videos and his degree to make funny, educational content. For CBS' Stream series, Fulmer was profiled. During the interview, he highlighted that while many of The Try Guys' videos seem a little bit silly, he has been able to bring his scientific knowledge into them.

His LinkedIn profile details that he got a Bachelors in Chemistry from Yale. After graduating in 2009, he started to combine his love for science and comedy to make videos. CBS detailed that while he was working as an energy chemist after college, he started his side hustle. He's shown the internet the science behind baking with some very cute appearances from his son, Wesley. He's also gotten drunk and taken math tests, explored what happens to you when you age, and more recently discussed the pandemic and vaccines.

Speaking on Young and Profiting, he said, "I've always felt like I'm an artist and a scientist and chemistry was a mix of math and building an understanding of the world and how it changes. You also get to light things on fire."

Ned Fulmer isn't afraid to talk money

Many people find money to be a deeply personal topic but not Ned Fulmer. On the Confidently Insecure podcast, he revealed that he monitors all of the finances for The Try Guys and doesn't find it to be a particularly stressful task. The Try Guys are true multi-hyphenates, as they have streams of income from all over the place, and since setting up 2nd Try LLC — their production company — it's been on them to manage that.

Fulmer told Kelsey Darragh that he learned most of what he knows from his own research and has an accountant to help. "Some of my friends went to business school so I asked them but I'm like the business manager. It really doesn't stress me out to talk about it or plan for it. It's just math and I like math," he said. "A lot of people don't so I get that. I don't want to downplay it but all it is is working out how you're going to make money and then projecting how much you might make for one avenue and another."

2nd Try LLC brings in many sources of income, and it's been reported that the four Try Guys have made some serious cash out of their success.

The way he met wife Ariel has been disputed

It's a running joke in The Try Guys videos that Ned Fulmer talks about his family quite a lot. It's very sweet. He's shared the story of how he met his wife, Ariel, a number of times. However, on You Can Sit With Us (via YouTube), a podcast run by the wives and partners of The Try Guys, Ariel disputed some of the details. She revealed that, as Fulmer has said, they met at a party of mutual friends in Chicago.

Ariel revealed that she went to the party with a friend. "We showed up at this party and Ned and Annalise immediately hit it off because they were in the same improv classes. I totally blew Ned off and started hitting on his gay friend," said Ariel. "Ned describes it as he saw me walk into the party and there was nobody else. But I'm like, 'really? Because I'm pretty sure you were talking to my friend Annalise for a pretty long time.' Ned always tells the super romantic story of love at first sight."

The pair gravitated toward each other and hit it off. Ariel said, "it got to the point where the two of us were dominating the conversation and just trying to talk to each other for a lot of the evening."

Ned Fulmer gives his secret to a great relationship

Running a business, going on tour, and starting a family all take up a lot of time. However, in a Try Guys video (via YouTube) from 2018, Ned Fulmer revealed that he's kept a commitment to his marriage to ensure that it remains one of his top priorities. In a video that pitted the other three guys against each other, Fulmer asked the question, "who knows Ned best?" During the video, he revealed that prior to having kids, every Wednesday was date night in the Fulmer household. While having kids shifted that about a bit, he said he still commits to a date night a week.

On Young and Profiting, Fulmer was asked if he could share with his fans what his number one secret to a great relationship is, and he kept things pretty simple. "I talk about Ariel a lot because she's really awesome. There is mutual admiration and respect," said Fulmer. "I think communication is really important. Even if you disagree then so long as you can approach the conversation from a place of empathy, respect, and willingness to work things out then there's nothing you can't overcome. That's a small perspective change but it makes a huge difference."

Ned Fulmer wants to share the parenting guidance he didn't get

TubeFilter announced that at the end of 2020, before the birth of their second son, Ariel and Ned Fulmer launched Baby Steps. It's the parenting podcast with a difference. The couple discusses parenting topics through the usual funny and frank Try Guys lens.

Speaking about the independent project on the Young and Profiting YouTube channel, he said, "With the pandemic so many parents are on the hook for babycare 24/7 and aren't able to go to a museum or out and about to help with the responsibility. We felt there was a need for entertainment and advice. The first time we had a child there was so much that we didn't get to say or stories we didn't get to tell. We don't aspire to be parenting YouTubers but a weekly podcast allows us to react to expert advice or products."

Ned Fulmer's growing family is seriously adorable, and in an Instagram post promoting Baby Steps, he wrote that it will "give a peek behind the filter into our dirty, messy, hilarious, wild, wonderful parenting life."