The Real Reason Kate Middleton Has Twitter Angry

Following the shocking murder of Sarah Everard by a member of the London police, a controversial vigil was held in her honor, in spite of tight COVID-19 restrictions in the area. A memorial was similarly erected in her honor, in Clapham Common, near where she was last seen walking home alone prior to her disappearance on March 3. As People reported at the time, none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, visited the site

Per a royal insider, Middleton wished "to pay her respects to Sarah and her family." The Mirror noted she left flowers, too. Everard was kidnapped and killed by a serving officer. Her death spurred a massive public discussion about the lack of women's safety, with many social media users sharing their experiences and calling for more support from men. Although Kate Middleton's gesture seemed considerate on the surface, certain commentators didn't take it well.

Twitter criticized Kate Middleton's public pass

The vigil violated travel restrictions, but when it was pointed out to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick that Kate Middleton had attended, she appeared to make an exception for the beloved royal. "She's in the course of her duties. She was working," Dick argued during an appearance on BBC Radio 4 (via Twitter). Dick had strongly condemned the rally and those who attended it. Footage showed police clashing with protestors, and were widely criticized on social media. Naturally, Twitter was not impressed with Middleton getting a pass while so many others were penalized for attending. "Nothing the Duchess of Cambridge, or her husband do is with one iota of sincerity. All for publicity value," tweeted one user. 

Another Twitter user pointed out the Duchess only seemed to wear her mask when photographers were around. However, it was also noted (via Twitter) that Middleton actually visited the site before the vigil started — although it wasn't on the daily list of upcoming royal appearances, per Hello! magazine. Dick herself confirmed to the BBC, "The Met did know, absolutely, but of course we take all sorts of precautions to make sure that we don't unwittingly draw attention to visits like that," (via Daily Express). According to The Mirror, Middleton was so moved by what happened to Everard, she wrote a "deeply personal and heartfelt letter" to her family, just to let them know they were in her thoughts during this incredibly difficult time.