Why Chrissy Teigen's Revelation That She Wants More Kids Has A Deeper Meaning Than You Thought

In September 2020, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend suffered a devastating loss when their baby (who the couple had named Jack) was stillborn at 20 weeks of pregnancy after a partial placental abruption (via Page Six). During an interview with People, Teigen, the mother of daughter Luna and younger son Miles, opened up about her family's recent heartbreak, revealing the loss hasn't deterred her from wanting more kids in the future. "I can't imagine a life without [my children] — I just cannot ... And I can't imagine a life without more, honestly, so we'll see!" she told the publication. 

Licensed marriage and family therapist, and founder of the Hope Therapy Center, Jennie Marie Battistin, explained to The List why Teigen's comments should come as no surprise, as it's not uncommon that women who have suffered a loss during pregnancy move on to try again:

"The impact of pregnancy loss can have a profound effect on a woman as well as the couple. Women can experience a range of emotions regardless of how far into the pregnancy the loss occurs." Battistin continued, "I have seen many clients who have processed a loss and tried again within a couple of months. There is no right time to try again, other than once someone has processed rather than buried the feelings and a physician [has] provided health clearance."

Wanting another baby can be part of the healing process

Elsewhere, psychotherapist Jennifer Tomko, LCSW, and owner of Clarity Health Solutions, also weighed in on Teigen's recent comments about having another baby. She explained to The List that, due to the circumstances of their loss, Teigen and Legend may need some time to heal. However, this healing process could include "having another pregnancy." 

"Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's loss was that of a stillborn and reports state that the loss was also the last embryo the couple had left, making the loss two-fold," Tomko commented. "They will need time to heal prior to determining if they want to continue to seek options for another pregnancy. Being that this is such a personal experience, it is up to them as a couple to determine how they choose to heal. Healing can sometimes mean having another pregnancy and it could also mean choosing not to try again. There is no wrong answer for if it is healthy or not to have additional children after a loss," she explained.

Speaking to People about her family's unimaginable loss, Teigen further revealed how the experience taught her just how "physically and mentally" strong she really is. "I've learned how strong I am. This year has been a roller coaster for everybody in the world, including our little family."