Fans Think They Know Who Black Swan Is On The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer season 5 is giving out wilder clues with each episode, making fans come up with different theories about who Black Swan is. With powerhouse vocals and a story full of adversity, fans' guesses range from Noah Cyrus all the way to Selena Gomez (via Twitter). The unrevealed contestant might just be one of the best the show has seen, dazzling the audience with songs like "In My Blood" by Shawn Mendes. It's no secret their range is seriously impressive, making fans anxious to guess who it is!

Now that contestants like Grandpa Monster (YouTuber Logan Paul) and Raccoon (Danny Trejo) have been revealed (via People), speculation has surged to an all-time high for Black Swan (via E! News). As she hit all the notes in "Barracuda" by rock band Heart, judges like Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger couldn't stop guessing. Even as the judges theorized Camila Cabello, fans of the show have very different ideas in mind.

With a clue package making viewers scratch their heads, Black Swan remains a mystery. Although the costume connects to the Oscar-nominated movie that nabbed Natalie Portman an Oscar, Black Swan's powerful voice is making viewers think it must be a soulful singer known specifically for her vocals. In fact, one Twitter user believes it has to be Christina Aguilera or Demi Lovato, both impressive songstresses, or Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony due to the "5" in the clues (via Talent Recap). 

Many fans think Black Swan is JoJo

Some fans are guessing actress Kristen Stewart due to the possible Snow White references (via The Wrap), while one Twitter user is speculating Hannah Montana actress Emily Osment. That being said, one hypothesis is by far the most popular: none other than 2000s pop star JoJo (via Cosmopolitan). The singer has the chops needed for Black Swan's high notes, with one fan tweeting about JoJo's "rifts and runs ... and that range." 

Black Swan's difficult journey gives further proof it could be JoJo, as the contestant spoke about falling victim to a Hollywood deal. JoJo signed a contract at 12 that stopped her from being able to release music or allowing fans to stream her music for years (via NME). Suing her label, and supported by Taylor Swift, JoJo credits her fans for her freedom, possibly referenced in Black Swan's "faithful flock" that "set her free," per Cosmopolitan.

Another clue that has fans buzzing is that Black Swan "covered a monster" (per Talent Recap), possibly referencing JoJo's cover of "Can't Believe It" by T-Pain, who appeared as Monster on The Masked Singer. Still, other fans on Reddit are theorizing Broadway legend Idina Menzel, mostly because Black Swan walked through snow, which could be tied to her movie Frozen. The reward voucher's highlighted "R" could relate to her role in Rent, while the aquamarine ring could connect to Elsa's ring. While the JoJo theory seems most likely, we're still itching to know for sure!