The Surprising Person Who May Appear On Katie Thurston's Season Of The Bachelorette

Fans rejoiced upon learning Katie Thurston would be one of the new leads on The Bachelorette. That's right — the upcoming season will feature two ladies searching for love. Thurston's journey is set to air first, followed by that of fellow Matt James cast-off Michelle Young.

With Thurston's season likely currently being filmed in New Mexico as we speak, we are learning new details about what the outspoken reality star's episodes will entail (via Glamour). More specifically, we are learning about who might appear on the show, with Blake Moynes rumored to be competing for Thurston's heart, according to Cheat Sheet.

Who is Moynes? Well, let's start by saying the bearded gent has looked for love with more than one past Bachelorette. You'll need to think back to before Clare Crawley only had eyes for Dale Moss — was there a time? — to remember the beginning of Moynes' journey on the franchise. Indeed, the Canada native developed intense feelings for the now 40-year-old leading lady — but alas, their connection was severed when Crawley left her season early, engaged to Moss (via ABC).

Why Blake Moynes is on The Bachelorette may surprise you

Cheat Sheet notes that wildlife manager Moynes reluctantly stuck around to see if he would hit it off with Tayshia Adams, who replaced Crawley when she exited The Bachelorette. But Adams sent Moynes home ahead of family visits, telling the not-lucky-in-love 30-year-old, "I just don't know if I can get there. It's not that you're not an incredible guy, just the timing was off for us" (via ET Online).

Now, Moynes has been spotted on the New Mexico set where Thurston is filming, with E! Online speculating there could be two reasons for his presence there. Either the reality star is open to seeing if he has feelings for Thurston and vice versa, or he is there to visit Adams. Remember, she is set to host the upcoming season of The Bachelorette with Kaityln Bristowe.

If the latter is true, hopefully Moynes knows that Adams is still engaged to her final rose pick, Zac Clark, who also visited her on set while filming (via Us Weekly).