This Is What Happens When You Give Yourself A Massage Every Day

Many of us carry a lot of tension in our bodies without even realizing it. After a long day, the exhaustion or stress that's been gradually building sneaks up on you and hits you in different areas. Unintentionally, your shoulders are drawn up to your ears, your jaw is clenched, and your brows are furrowed. If even one of those three things checks out, giving yourself a daily massage can greatly improve your mood and relieve said tension, according to Healthline. It's completely easy to do, and there's no need to drop a ton of cash to do it.

Stress manifests in many ways, and can even show up when you're trying to sleep and keep you awake for hours on end, per Medical News Today. If this is something you consistently struggle with, something as simple as giving yourself a massage every day can change that. Plus, it comes with serious physical and mental health benefits.

A massage every day can increase blood circulation and reverse signs of aging

In a study published in Science Daily, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that massage therapy increased blood flow and circulation in both participants who actively exercise and those who don't. Nina Cherie Franklin, who is one of the study's authors and a UIC postdoctoral fellow in physical therapy, explained how massages can also help people who've been injured. "Our study validates the value of massage in exercise and injury, which has been previously recognized but based on minimal data. It also suggests the value of massage outside of the context of exercise," she explained. 

Using your hands to massage your muscles can also reduce muscle strain and relieve nerve tension simultaneously, per Healthline. For the best results, you can alternate between different techniques, including actively lowering your shoulders, fixing your posture so your neck and back are aligned, and drawing circles with your fingers on problem areas.

Another perk is that if you're constantly on the hunt for anti-aging beauty products, your skin will thank you for adding self-massages to your beauty routine. Giving yourself a massage every day promotes cell growth and decreases inflammation which, when combined, will make your skin glow and look years younger (via Discover). Bonus, all you need are your hands and some dedicated me-time to start feeling better.