How The New Moon On April 12 Will Affect You If You're A Water Sign

Unlike full moons when energy is at its peak, new moons are for the time of stillness and quiet when energy is just beginning to build. While many may perform full moon rituals to harness the energy of that powerful lunar phase, a new moon is the perfect time to create a ritual for setting your goals and planting the "seeds" for a positive "harvest" during the "full bloom" of the coming full moon (see what we did there?). The upcoming new moon on April 12th, 2021 is the first new moon of spring and with it come energies of renewal and of sparking new goals and dreams (via Bustle).

How these energies affect us individually can be broken down by our astrological Sun sign, or your zodiac sign. While some may be focusing on goals of a financial of professional nature, others may be focusing on relationships or creative pursuits. If you're a water sign, here's how this month's upcoming new moon will be inspiring and inviting you to spring ahead.   

Cancers are ready for big career moves

Cancer, if you have been feeling stagnant or bored at work, this is the perfect time to strive toward a bigger, brighter career goal (via Vogue). Perhaps you've had your eye on that promotion for a while, or you've been putting off starting a new project – maybe you've been wondering whether it's worth applying for that dream job? If so, this is the time! The stage is set perfectly for you to step out into the center of the bright spotlight and shine in your professional life. With the new moon's energy inspiring new beginnings and reinvigoration, start planting those seeds for a more fruitful and fulfilling work life. The rows you sow now will be fertile and are likely to bear beautiful abundance come harvest time. 

You have a deeper, more complex and fascinating inner world that many people realize because of your even-keeled and responsible exterior. Don't be afraid to let your creativity flow and to let your true dreams carry you forward. You're worthy of the success and fulfillment you are seeking. 

Scorpios, start updating those self-care routines

Passionate Scorpio, you are wonderful at dedicating yourself to whatever it is you truly care about, and with this new moon in April, now is a great time yo care about your health (via Bustle). Consider revamping your daily routine from the perspective of what is healthy for you, rather than what is most "productive" or familiar. We know you won't do anything that doesn't really resonate with you, so take a little time to look inward, decide what aspects of your daily life could be tweaked to help you feel your best, and then research what might work best for you in those regards. 

Want to commit to getting outside every day? Maybe you're sick of frozen food and want to commit to cooking at least one meal for yourself from scratch each day? Perhaps it's a yoga routine or a spiritual practice that will help you feel more balanced and vital? Whatever it is, this is the time to set the new in motion so that it can become a habit. 

Pisces might need to rethink their budgeting techniques

Pisces, this new moon is asking you to take a look at your money and at your priorities, and to determine how to align both with your sincere inner values (via Vogue). You might be more driven than you usually are to save for a particular purchase – a car, a home, a contribution to your workspace like a computer or a vacation away? Whatever it is, this a great time to decide what is really important to you and determine how to invest your time, energy, and money accordingly. Setting these goals now with clear intentions will help this just-budding energy of the new moon to grow into full-blooming life over the next few months.

If you sometimes have a hard time funneling your funds into saving for what you really want, you might be surprised how well this goes and how quickly you're able to reach your goals when you begin now. The energy is truly in your favor.