The Most Toxic Relationship Traits Of A Virgo

Ah, Virgos – the perfectionists of the zodiac. This earth sign is known for being practical, detail-oriented, and deeply analytical when it comes to relationships (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). You'll swoon when they remember all of your pet peeves, childhood memories and favorite foods, even if you told them fleetingly at 2 A.M., however, ever-grounded Virgos have toxic traits as well. Just as they pay attention to all of your incredible attributes, this sign is known to constantly weigh out their significant other's cons too.

Virgos are known humanitarians, with a helpful streak, no matter if you need help  fixing a door, getting out of car trouble, or if you need a push when you're feeling low. Loyal and truly hardworking (via Allure), Virgos may get lost in their careers, leaving little time for love or relationships. If you're just starting to date a Virgo, you might also notice how shy they are. This sign dislikes being the center of attention and their critical nature makes them overthink their every action and every word. They tend to give their partners this same level of scrutiny.

Many astrology lovers see Virgos as "all work and no play," critical, and picky. This might be true, but you might love their cleanliness, rationality, and intellect – especially if you crave order and clarity in your relationships. Virgo signs will judge you in and out, but once they've decided you're perfect for them, they will devote their life to you (via Cosmopolitan).

Virgo's worst relationship traits

Once a Virgo is committed, it means their inner computer system has deducted you are their perfect match (via Cosmopolitan). If you're into spiritual, immediate romances, a Virgo might leave you wanting more. But their rationality can also be attractive – a Virgo's love isn't fleeting, and their loyalty means they have decided they're in it for the long haul. Will they revel in messy love affairs? Probably not. But if you're interested in slowly removing a Virgo's layers to reveal deep perspectives about life (and about you) then this sign might be perfect for you.

Other toxic behaviors to be wary of when dating a Virgo? They may take criticism to heart. Do not make the mistake of making fun of anything related to their appearance, including their clothing. Their own critical nature hides a soft, sensitive interior, so they may feel insecure and close up. Although a Virgo is not likely to judge your appearance, they may find fault in personality flaws. This sign strives for perfection in their partner and in themselves.

Moreover, although Virgos feel deeply and are pleasure seekers, they are not likely to express themselves (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). This sign will wait until they are absolutely certain you feel the same, and will still fear showing their cards. In a way, Virgos use their judgmental nature to steer clear of the risks of love, but patience can help open them up to you for good.