Here's Where The Circle Winner Joey Sasso Is Today

For many televisions bingers, one of the highlights of the pandemic has been Netflix's original reality show programming. 

While Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind are both wildly popular in their own right, The Circle connected with fans the most because of how relatable it was a the time of its release. Every contestant had to isolate in an apartment of their own and didn't have any face-to-face interaction – except for one mother-son team that competed for the prize together. 

While the show aimed to showcase the power of social media, its lovable competitors became its driving force. One of which was Italian-American Joey Sasso, who is a self-proclaimed "momma's-boy" with a knack for getting people to trust him. Throughout the show, the Rochester, New York native consistently was at the top of the weekly "Influencer" rankings and managed to take home the top prize of $100,000. Since winning The Circle, Sasso has managed to keep busy while still being in front of a camera.

Joey Sasso hosts his own show 

Joey Sasso seems to have enjoyed starring on a reality show so much that he started hosting one. YouTube show Faraway Bae, which launched in August of 2020, is dedicated to helping singles find love without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Faraway Bae already wrapped Season 2 with fans of the series hopeful for a third season.

In addition to hosting a dating show, Sasso also has a clothing line on the popular merch website Fanjoy. His line is called "Sasso Fam Collection" and is, as of writing, completely sold out. The line includes apparel, coffee mugs, and phone cases that are marked with his life motto and nickname "Family Over Everything" and "Broey Joey."

The proud New Yorker acknowledges that he wouldn't be where he is today if it weren't for The Circle. He recently shared an Instagram post to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the program. He wrote, "What a wild ride it has been. Thank you to all of the fans of the show that have embraced me and the rest of the cast over the course of this last year. It really has been such an insane journey, but one I'm happy to have all of you with me on. I got nothing but love and great memories for this entire experience."