Here's What To Do If You Got The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

According to Today, 7 million people got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine before it was paused by the CDC. The New York Times reports the decision was based on wanting to learn more about extremely rare blood clots some people — about one in one million — experienced after getting the vaccine. Although in conjunction with the FDA, the recommendation for the one-shot COVID-19 immunization to not be given at this time was "out of an abundance of caution," it still makes sense for people to know what to do if they received this particular vaccine.

Firstly, it's worth reemphasizing how rare the blood clotting issue post-vaccine is, with the Times noting health officials cannot even be 100 percent sure the Johnson & Johnson shot is to blame. But, according to CNN, there are certain symptoms people who received the vaccine should look for.

Specifically, you are urged to call your doctor immediately if you experience a severe, unrelenting headache, or significant leg or abdominal pain that doesn't go away, or shortness of breath. These are all symptoms of a blood clot in the veins of the brain, which is what is being reported.

Who should be looking for symptoms after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

According to KHOU, there have only been six reported cases of blood clots in people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine — and remember, that is out of 7 million doses administered. It's important to note that all of them are women, so women seem to be at increased risk for experiencing this serious side effect from the shot. Interestingly, in general, it's been noted that women, as well as young people, and individuals who have had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis previously seem to experience more side effects from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines as well.

Meanwhile, those who got their Johnson & Johnson vaccine over a month ago are likely in the clear and would not need to worry about developing blood clots, according to CNN. The outlet notes the women who did experience blood clots post-vaccine were between six and 13 days out from their shots.

Ultimately, Dr. Anthony Fauci cautioned Americans, "Don't get an anxiety reaction; however, pay attention. Do you have symptoms? Watch out for not feeling very well."