Here's What Ashley Graham's Morning Routine Really Is

When you're a busy model and mom like Ashley Graham, you have to employ some life hacks to make everything come together. While you may or may not be a model like Graham, chances are, you find your schedule busy most of the time just like her, which makes free time a luxury. The model and her husband of over a decade, Justin Ervin, are parents to one-year-old Isaac, making her morning routine even more hectic and vital. The curvy model also revealed she's ready for baby number two (via US Weekly), which could make her mornings even busier. Despite her star power, Graham's life is not all glamorous runways and red carpets. 

Graham shared an astonishing seven-minute "Bible to beauty" morning routine with Elle. One of the first tips she showed in the video was a pair of stylish pink earbuds, which she said helped block out Ervin's snoring. What's so unique about her morning routine, is that Graham not only gets in a bit of reading, but also manages to put herself together in such a short amount of time. Her method is so quick and straightforward that almost anyone could follow it.

Setting intentions plays a big role in Ashley Graham's day

Graham noted that she begins her days by setting her intention (via Elle). "I have this awesome book—it's called The Magnificent Word of The Lord—and in the contents, it has all these different words like anxiety, loneliness, comfort, conversation. You look up the word that you're feeling in the moment, and it takes you to almost every single verse in the Bible that talks about" the emotion, she said in the video. She spends her first few moments reading in bed before getting out and moving forward with her day. Shape pointed out that research showed reading just half an hour daily can lower your blood pressure, so spending a bit of time reading and reflecting before you get out of bed could have significant health benefits.

The model took her hair down out of a bun, which meant her blowout from the day before worked for her on day two. She showed a quick skin routine, noting that she liked to look "a little greasy" and that she used sunscreen. Spray crystal deodorant featured as a quick way to help keep Graham from smelling as her day progresses. Graham also revealed that she liked to take a daily vitamin and a quick breakfast. She kept her Revlon makeup simple and clean. Ultimately, though, Graham didn't sweat the small stuff too much, and she noted that she occasionally ran late, which she didn't let get to her. This simple routine could help you slay your day, too.