The Truth About Katy Perry And Allison Williams' Friendship

Girls actress Allison Williams and pop star Katy Perry haven't always been BFFs. The duo first met through Williams' ex-husband and co-founder of College Humor, Ricky Van Veen. During a 2016 Watch What Happens Live appearance, Williams dished to host Andy Cohen, "My now husband is very close with a girl named Sophia who introduced us to Katy a couple of years ago, and we just clicked. She's the coolest" (via Daily Mail).

Perry and Williams aren't necessarily the first pair that comes to mind when you hear "friendship goals," but that could be because both starlets value privacy after having had their own public fall-outs, such as Perry's infamous feud with Taylor Swift or rumors about Williams and her Girls co-stars. While the pair don't feel the need to spam their friendship all over social media like some other Hollywood friends, they continue to show their undeniable compatibility in substantial and lasting ways. 

Allison Williams and Katy Perry have both been divorced

Katy Perry's 14-month marriage to British personality Russell Brand was almost more publicized than their eventual divorce in 2012. The two cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their split, but Perry later revealed in a 2013 Vogue interview that Brand asked for the divorce via text. "Let's just say I haven't heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me December 31, 2011." However, Perry wasn't the only one in the friendship to be burned by heartbreak.

Allison Williams' marriage to Ricky Van Veen wasn't as short as Perry' and Brand's, but the two eventually called it quits in 2019 after four years of marriage (via Elle). The two released a joint statement to Page Six, stating, "With mutual love and respect, we have made the decision to separate as a couple. We are grateful for the friendship we have and will continue to have."

It worked out for Perry, whose divorce led to her engagement with Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she welcomed baby Daisy in August 2020. As for Williams, she remains happily single as of this writing, and honestly, who needs a man when you have the badass vibes of this famous duo?

Williams is a fan of Perry's music

Though Allison Williams' marriage to Ricky Van Veen wasn't everlasting, her love of Katy Perry clearly is. Williams is such a fan of Perry that she asked the "Fireworks" singer to perform at her wedding in 2015 with a ceremony officiated by actor Tom Hanks (via BuzzFeed). It's unclear which song Perry chose to serenade Williams with, but the two must share a deep emotional bond in order for Perry to be included in the intimate ceremony.

Williams also showed her support for Perry when she went as her date to the 2013 Grammy Awards. Perry asked Williams to attend the award show with her in lieu of then-boyfriend John Mayer. On Anderson Live, Williams said of Perry, "She's the hottest date. She's a friend of mine and she's nominated, as she should be. I can't wait to go. Obviously she's awesome. She's the best" (via E!).

Although Perry didn't end up winning the Grammy that evening for her pop solo performance hit "Wide Awake," she had her favorite gal pal to end the night with — and isn't that better than any award?

The Get Out star and Fireworks singer both went blonde at the same time

Sharing beauty secrets and styling tricks may be at the base of any female friendship, but hair-dye telepathy is grounds for induction into the Best Friends Hall of Fame. When Allison Williams and Katy Perry both went blonde on the same day in 2017, fans assumed the two had planned it, but Williams revealed this actually wasn't the case.

In an interview with Refinery29, she explained just how random the occurrence really was. "We just couldn't believe it. We weirdly ended up going blonde on the same day. I was texting her, and I was like, 'I'm going to be blonde next time I see you.' And she was like, 'Me too!' It was hilarious." 

Williams decided to go blonde for her Allure cover debut, while Perry wanted to try out a lighter look for Orlando Bloom's 40th birthday party. As any true friend knows, hyping up one another's even most questionable beauty choices is non-negotiable. Williams proved her loyalty to Perry by stating, "I'm obsessed with it. It's really cool. She's so beautiful so she can pull it off." Once again, the two show they belong amongst the ranks of Hollywoods favorite friendships: Oprah and Gayle, Busy and Michelle, and now Allison and Katy.