Prince Harry Once Gave The Queen A Hilarious Gift. Here's What We Know

As amazing as it can be to receive the perfect gift from a loved one on a birthday or an anniversary, that joy just simply doesn't compare to how rewarding it feels to give someone you care about a gift that they can truly cherish. 

Unfortunately, while gifting a thoughtful present is among one of the top feelings in life, it is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve. As cumbersome as it can be to find something we know our loved ones will like, at least most of us are never tasked with shopping for anyone too intimidating.

However, for Prince Harry, he can not say the same. Every year for Christmas, the Duke of Sussex participates in a gift exchange that involves her royal majesty — or as he likes to call her his Granny (via Insider). Though a gift exchange between a grandmother and her grandchild is rarely newsworthy, one year the present Prince Harry selected made headlines.

The royal family has a "gag gift" Christmas tradition

The royal family has a long-standing tradition of exchanging gag gifts on Christmas Eve (via Town And Country). The family gathers every year at the Sandringham Estate to exchange presents after afternoon tea. For the exchange, the family secretly places their gifts on a table, in the red drawing room. The table is marked so the royals know where to place each gift and the unwrapping doesn't commence until Prince Phillip announces its time (via The Mirror).

Each gift in the exchange is intended to have an element of humor to it. It's reported that Kate Middleton once gifted Harry a "Grow Your Own Girlfriend" kit and Princess Anne gave Prince Charles a white leather toilet seat. Though one of the most memorable gifts was from Harry to The Queen

According to royal biographer Brian Hoey, Harry gave his grandmother a shower cap that read "Ain't Life a B****" (via Daily Express). Hoey also added that she liked her present. Perhaps this upcoming holiday the rest of us should follow the royal family's lead and shake up our approach to gift-giving.