Here's What It Really Means If You Have A Pisces Moon Sign

If you're a fan of astrology, then you know that your moon sign and sun sign are wildly different. But if you're not familiar with the stars, what does all of it mean and in what ways are your signs different? Finding your sun sign is easy as pie, you just check the day you were born. Now moon signs take a bit of digging to figure out. Not only do you need the day you were born, but the exact time, as it's required to calculate where the moon was when you were welcomed into the world (via AstroStyle).

According to Stars Like You, your moon sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Basically, your moon sign is reflective of your internal self — think emotions, reactions, comforts, and intuition. Moon signs are highly powerful tools in helping one discover more about themselves, and especially how their emotions work. Say you've been on the emotional side your whole life and never understood why, or you're the opposite and you've never been able to put your finger on the reasoning. Your moon sign can help you figure it out.

Pisces Moons are highly imaginative and emotional people

If you think Pisces sun signs are emotional — because every Pisces sun gets roasted for crying every five minutes — get ready for the moon sign. When the Moon is found in Pisces, emotions, imagination, and creativity come alive. 

Pisces are typically the hopeless romantics, poets, dreamers, and believers. They're the sensitive zodiacs, sun or moon. When you have a Pisces moon, your imagination and creation is untouched and you can immerse yourself into any medium you choose. Furthermore, your intuition is spot on, something you can utilize from time to time. Pisces know themselves, and they know how to navigate situations, even in a pinch (via Stars Like You)

According to Astro Style, people — especially grounded signs like Tauruses — are typically drawn to a Pisces Moon's soothing vibe, compassion, and ethereal personality. Now as for the emotions, they're super strong and come in waves. One minute you're on cloud nine, then the next you're crying over a puppy. Just go with the flow, and keep yourself grounded throughout!