The Truth About HGTV's New Show $50K Three Ways

After winning HGTV's "Design Star" in 2013, Tiffany Brooks has secured herself as a highly in-demand television interior designer. According yo House Beautiful, Brooks has made a massive impact on shows like "Design at your Door", "Rock the Block", and "Smart Home 2020". However, the truth behind HGTV's new show, "$50K Three Ways," will have you wishing Brooks would come knocking on your door with new design concepts.

Deadline explains that, as the name suggests, "$50K Three Ways" will see families invite Brooks into their homes and hand her over a budget to give their spaces a fresh, new look. It's Chicago based and it's Brooks' job to present her new TV clients with three totally different designs for their homes. They'll then deliberate on a final decision and she'll make their interior dreams a reality. Home Beautiful explains that despite the title of the show the budgets that each of the families have aren't all the same and aren't all $50,000.

In a statement about the show, Brooks said, "Everyone has a million things in their house they'd like to change, but few people have the budget to fix it all at once, and that's why they call me. You may not be able to redesign your home from top to bottom, but we can create something amazing by spending money in all the right places."

It's high pressure but high pay off

It's always satisfying watching Tiffany Brooks stamp her own brand of "liveable luxury" onto a property. However, where there's big structural work to be done, there can be trouble. She told the Chicago Tribune, "Since we do this in real life, we have a good handle on it. We typically are used to working with 30 projects at a time, and with '$50K Three Ways', that takes up 11 of them."

The first episode will air on April 26 at 8 p.m. on HGTV and you'll be able to stream it on discovery+. The first episode is a special and will be one hour. The following ten will be 30-minute shows.

Taking on people's homes is no small task and can come with a lot of pressure. As people have spent so much time indoors over the last twelve months, it's crucial that Brooks gets their brief nailed perfectly. "We work as a well-oiled machine getting all these projects done. So it's kind of crazy," she told the Chicago Tribune, "We do have our moments though, where it gets hard and we're late night in here with wine and pizza crying together. But it's few and far between."

If there's any question whether you should tune into "$50K Three Ways," Jane Latman, president, HGTV said in a statement (per Deadline), "Her magnetic personality and classic design style with an edgy twist has made Tiffany one of our most popular stars."