The Nail Polish You Need To Try If You Can't Decide On A Color

If you often find yourself leaving the nail salon regretting your polish choice, there's a new type of nail polish on the block that might be perfect for you. Touted as a first-of-its-kind formula, color-changing polish is a trendy alternative to basic manis that will keep your nails as exciting as ever (via WWD). These formulations paint on as one color, but soon change to different colors through temperature shifts or exposure to sunlight. While there are a few different kinds of color-changing polish to choose from, each of them will keep you guessing, and give you the downright-magical mani of your dreams.

As explained by Heavy, there are a few different kinds of color-changing polish that will bring your nails back-and-forth between shades. A common type is "thermal" or "mood" nail polish, which works similarly to the mood rings of the '90s. These polishes are heat-sensitive and are made with leuco dye, which changes its appearance depending on the temperature. Although this is the most common style, there are a few more to be aware of when choosing your next multicolor manicure.

Apart from thermal or mood-changing polish, you can also go for solar-reactive polish. This kind is made up of color-shifting crystals that change when under sunlight, going back to their original look when you go back indoors (via Heavy). Although thermal and solar-activated polishes work differently, both types of at-home lacquers can get you salon-quality results that are far more exciting than your average shades.

All about color-changing manicures

If you wanna take your color-changing adventures the extra mile, Heavy also points to the galactic shades of multi-chrome polish. This kind of manicure is the most otherworldly of them all, shifting from one color to the next by just looking at your nails from another angle. No heat or sun required, these reflective shades change their color by the way light hits them. As WWD explains, this kind of nail polish is great for gorgeous ombré designs, or gradient nails.

Lastly, Heavy also deems holographic polishes as part of the color-changing family, so go for these if you want an oil-slick, rainbow manicure that keeps surprising you. As per Sunday Riley, there are also some polishes that offer "tri-thermal pigments," which means the colors will switch between three shades instead of two. Moreover, if you prefer gel manis, there are many color-changing gel formulas on the market that can come in handy if you want to avoid chips at all costs.

It's important to note that color-changing polishes go on just like regular lacquers, and that thermal sensitivity can work differently on each person. Making sure you love every single shade your polish offers is crucial (instead of ending up with a color you despise when out in the sun), and longer nails might work best for ombré styles. Whatever polish you choose, color-changing formulas will give you a mystical manicure everyone will ask you about.