Body Language Expert Noticed This One Thing About Daniel Kaluuya's Oscar Speech

So the Oscars producers wanted the 2021 production to be something special, something different, something that "[told] a story" (via Reuters). While all this story-telling kind of flies in the face of what the ever-shrinking viewing audience really wants (hint: longer speeches isn't it), there were a few moments that were memorable, if not exactly in the way that the producers may have anticipated. One of the most talked-about acceptance speeches came from Daniel Kaluuya, the British actor who took home the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in "Judas and the Black Messiah." He'd previously won in the same category at the Golden Globes, at which time he also delivered a rather memorable speech that started off with some venting at a technical glitch that temporarily disabled his microphone (not quite long enough, though, since it came back on mid-vent).

Unbelievably, Kuluuya somehow managed to top that in his Oscar speech. How? Why, by giving a shout-out to his parents for having sex, thus producing him. As Twitter was quick to point out, this was an acknowledgment his mom would really rather not have received in front of an audience (shrinking or no). Apart from that TMI moment, though, how did Kaluuya come across in his moment in the spotlight? According to body language expert Nicole Moore, the main takeaway she got from his acceptance speech is that it seems he was expecting his win.

Kaluuya was unsurprised but not ungrateful

As Moore saw Kuluuya walk up to the podium to receive his statuette, she noticed that he "was so calm...that it almost seemed as if he was expecting to win." Even though he'd been anticipating the win, though, she feels he didn't take it lightly. When Kuluuya reached the stage, she said "he stood still, placed his hands in front of his legs and bowed his head down to look at the statue." Moore explained that this body language "indicates that he has a lot of reverence for the award and took it very seriously that he won."

While Kuluuya was speaking, Moore notes that he looked down most of the time, something she interprets as demonstrating "humility and a lack of need to be the star." This goes along with his speech, something she describes as being "about giving reverence to others including those he worked with, was inspired by, and even God." (Moore is way too professional to mention the snicker-worthy bit.) As she sums up the "story" he told tonight, she says Kuluuya's "body language shows he feels confident in his abilities and therefore was not surprised by a win, but he certainly doesn't take sole credit for his success or the award." So yes, his mom does have an awful lot to be proud of – when and if she ever forgives him for bringing up her private business on TV, that is.