Here's What You Should Know Before Getting Rose Gold Hair

Craving some pink in your look, but not too much? Rose gold hair is the trend turning into a must-have, and could be the look that you're searching for. The soft, pastel pink shade draws attention, yet remains easy on the eyes. Its versatility means it can fade beautifully into a blonde ombre and bring out the warm, golden hues in any skin tone. Celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Nicki Minaj to Katy Perry — who has revealed a number of different hairstyles over the years — have sprung for their pink fix by jumping on this highly 'grammable color, as highlighted by Allure, so what's stopping you from joining them? 

Unfortunately, every trendy hair color comes with a catch. As explained by PopSugar's Hedy Phillips, the rose gold style has a few snags. This doesn't mean you should cancel your appointment, but it does mean you should be aware of the downsides. Learning how to care for your newly treated hair is essential. It's also important to keep your expectations in check, as this subtle style will not last forever.

Rose gold hair looks good, but requires a lot of maintenance

Transitioning your hair to a lighter shade such as rose gold can take some time, as noted by Hair Romance. Bleaching your hair in one sitting — please think twice before doing this at home — can be expensive, not to mention damaging. Instead, work with your hairdresser to discuss your hair needs and schedule multiple sessions, particularly if your root color is dark. By spreading out the bleaching treatments, you will protect the health of your hair.

In addition, the perfect rose gold color will require some maintenance if you want to keep it going. Per PopSugar, you can expect the shade to fade in about four weeks. This time frame may be shorter or longer depending on your hair texture and porosity, and how frequently you wash your hair. To strengthen your hair strands, use shampoos and conditioners that have a balance of protein and moisture, as pointed out by Byrdie. Purple shampoos are great for blondies, but Byrdie also suggests that you wait two weeks before incorporating these color-safe shampoos into your routine.

Most importantly, Nutrafol recommends that you go to an experienced stylist. They will be able to set realistic goals with you and give you the best tips for  maintenance. When all is said and done, be ready for your friends and family to become obsessed with your hair.