Here's What It Really Means If You Have A Cancer Moon Sign

If you're using astrology to learn more about yourself, you need to know both your sun and moon signs. One's sun sign is a reflection of outward personality while the moon sign represents the emotional subconscious. To determine your moon sign, you'll need the full date, place, and time of your birth (via Lunarium).

Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, those who have a Cancer moon sign share many of the same traits associated with the sun side of the zodiac sign, which includes the moodiness that comes as the celestial body quickly moves through its lunar cycle (via Harper's Bazaar). This moodiness also speaks to your sensitivity to the physical world around you. You are constantly impacted by your environment and the good or bad energy emanating from others. Therefore, you may easily be offended or find it difficult to discern helpfulness from criticism. This may even result in you isolating yourself and withdrawing into your shell until you can gain clarity or the desired support (via Allure).

The Cancer moon sign is artistic in nature

Although it may feel like you're practicing self-care more than the average, this downtime is essential for creativity and encompasses what makes the Cancer moon sign so special. For example, this sensitivity and intuitiveness also means you have a highly artistic nature. "Since this moon sign can make you sensitive to color and atmosphere, the design world may call your name. If you're not developing an artistic talent, you're likely to be a serious arts appreciator and aficionado" (via Astro Style).

The Cancer moon's sensitivity may also play well in the area of parenting. Celebrity astrologer Susan Miller notes that in addition to ruling instinct and intuition, the moon rules home and private life, due to the celestial body's feminine nature (via Astrology Zone). This means you have a natural affinity for care-giving, or motherhood if you are female, and believe in providing the perfect domestic environment for those you love. You may even select a profession that allows you to serve others, particularly women and children (via Astro Style).

When it comes to marriage or sexual relationships, the moon sign is important because your emotions are the key to creating a long-term connection with your partner. Cancer moons will find compatibility with those whose moon, sun, and/or Venus sign falls under Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces (via Shape). Since the dominating element of your moon sign is sensitivity, finding that perfect mate is doubly important.