Here's What Type Of Person A Cancer Should Marry

Astrology lovers, rejoice. You can finally skip the bad dates and find your right partner. Turns out that your zodiac sign says a lot about your love life, particularly when it comes to your compatibility with a future significant other. In fact, different aspects of your life are influenced by your birth chart, including your personality and relationships, according to Tarot. It all boils down to whether or not you trust in the power of the stars.

Instinctive, sensitive, sentimental and creative are a few personality traits that are generally associated with the Cancer zodiac sign (via Horoscope). People tend to say that Cancers, those born between June 21 and July 22, are emotional — like it's a bad thing (it's not) — but they're not only ruled by their emotions. Cancers are always looking out for the important people in their lives, are very empathetic and value loyalty, even if they might struggle with opening up right away. These make great qualities in a partner, so when you find someone whose personality complements these traits, take a risk and see where it goes.

But that doesn't mean every sign meshes well with a Cancer. If you're someone who takes sign compatibility seriously, proceed with caution with direct, pragmatic Aries — whose blunt nature may rub Cancers the wrong way until you both learn each other's communication styles, per Bustle. Here are the signs that vibe the best with Cancers.

Signs that are most compatible with Cancer

As a water sign, Cancers — whose symbol is a crab — naturally complement Taurus and Virgo's earth element (via Compatible Astrology). What could either relationship look like? A Cancer-Taurus relationship prioritizes a strong sense of family, financial and emotional security, and spending time together. What makes this relationship work is that they can both be homebodies at times and share a love of food — which means more dates with home- cooked meals, according to Astrology. But Cancers need to keep an eye out for smaller issues that pop up from time to time because of a shared stubborn nature, but this can easily be solved with effective communication and compromise (via Compatible Astrology).

What would a Cancer-Virgo relationship look like? Virgos are logical, attentive, determined and supportive (via Allure). In a Cancer-Virgo relationship, there's a 95 percent compatibility when it comes to sex and intimacy, and a 99 percent compatibility with shared values of trust and stability, per Astrology Zodiac Signs. It gets complicated when emotions come into play, since Cancers tend to be more expressive and open to sharing how they're feeling, whereas Virgos might be more analytical and reserved.

This water sign's compatibility is off the charts

Cancers are also compatible with fellow water signs Pisces, Scorpio and — surprise! — other Cancers. Cancers and Pisces are emotionally intelligent and are in tune with their wants and needs. They're highly compatible when it comes to communication, intellect, and intimacy, but in order for a Cancer-Pisces relationship to thrive, passion and the willingness to explore new adventures must be there without sacrificing Cancer's need for stability (via Astrology Zodiac Signs).

No one knows you better than you. Now apply that to your zodiac match. Marrying someone who's just like you sounds weird and conceited to say out loud, but if the personality fits, why knock it? Part of the appeal of a Cancer-Cancer relationship is the fact that you both know exactly what you like and don't like in a partner (via Compatible Astrology).

What sign could possibly top the rest? Assertive, passionate Scorpio — also a water sign — has entered the chat. A Cancer-Scorpio relationship is top tier because both signs value commitment and are hopeless romantics at heart, per Pure Wow. Plus, Scorpio's confidence and uninhibited nature are attractive to the Cancer personality (via Elite Daily). You'll just need to curb any possessive tendencies that appear on either side and allow room for alone time for a strong bond that will flourish.