90 Day Fiancé: The Real Reason Michael Didn't Want Angela To Get Weight Loss Surgery

"90 Day Fiancé" star Angela Deem recently went through a huge body transformation. The 54-year-old reality star revealed that she lost over 100 pounds after having weight loss surgery last year, Entertainment Tonight reports. Since that time, Angela says that she's feeling better than ever and that her health has greatly improved. "I'm just so glad that I did it because my health is so much better now. I feel like if I didn't have the surgery that I was going to have a heart attack," Angela admitted.


Angela first shot to fame when she appeared on the TLC reality show with her now-husband, Michael. The couple met online and hit it off despite their 22-year age difference (via Heavy.com). So, Angela booked a flight to visit Michael in Nigeria and the two began a romantic relationship. They tied the knot in Nigeria before Angela was forced to return home without her husband. Once back in the United States, Angela decided to go under the knife, a decision that she says her husband did not support despite her claims that she had the surgery to live a longer, healthier life with Michael, per Screen Rant.

Why Michael was so upset by Angela's decision to have surgery

"90 Day Fiancé" fans have watched Angela and Michael struggle with issues in the past. Now, the pair, who are featured on TLC's "Happily Ever After" spin-off, is dealing with a brand new set of problems, due to Angela's decision to go under the knife to have weight loss surgery (via TV Insider). Michael admitted that he and his family were upset by the fact that Angela wanted to spend the time and money to have the procedure. Michael believed that Angela should have used her resources to focus on having a child, as he's been very vocal about wanting a biological child with his new wife via a surrogate.


In addition, there were risks to having the surgery, especially after the doctor warned her about the impact her smoking may have during the healing process. Angela hears Michael's concerns, but decides to fly from her home in Georgia to California, where she will have the operation done. "It's not that I don't care about what Michael thinks," Angela said during her confessional, adding that she has security issues when it comes to having a much younger husband. "He's gonna be 33, I'm gonna be 55. My skin's going to change, and I'm going to start to look older than I am. So, if I'm not young, I need to at least look the part and it starts with my weight," she stated, per In Touch.