The Cutest Ways To Style A Bob Haircut At Home

There's no doubt about it, bob haircuts are hot right now. In fact, they're the style to have. Ever since Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Green sported a chic, chin-grazing style on "Friends" — known as "the Rachel" haircut — the bob haircut has been an exceedingly popular hairstyle, and it's easy to see why. It's simple to maintain, easy to style, and far more versatile than you might think, plus almost anyone can pull one off.

As noted by Harper's Bazaar, making the jump from long hair to a shorter style can be rather scary, but with the right bob there's no need to be nervous about lopping those inches off. The great thing about a bob hairstyle is the fact that there are endless styles to choose from, from chic and edgy to cool and classic, with options to suit every hair texture and face shape. 

Thinking about going for the chop and wondering how to style your new look? Whether you're looking for a dressed up style perfect for a night out, a casual do ideal for daily office life, or a style that's a little quirkier, there's a bob cut that's perfect for you. And with life happening primarily at home still due to the coronavirus pandemic, there's a couple tips you should know about maintaining your bob hairstyle at home. 

Here's the inspiration you need for styling your bob cut at home

When it comes to styling your bob at home, there are a lot of unique ideas (via Fustany). Let's get started. Keen to change up your look and add some cute, festival vibes to your style? Add a French braid, and consider adding some glitter hairspray to your braid. 

A curly bob can look absolutely gorgeous too, as noted by Cosmopolitan. If you have naturally curly hair, don't feel pressured to straighten it, but instead embrace your curls and a more quirky bob style. If you have straight hair, consider reaching for the curling tongs or heated curlers to add some volume to your hair. For a chic look that keeps your bob haircut out of your face, go for a half up, half down do, per Marie Claire. You can either opt for a simple half up ponytail, or you could incorporate a bun or a braid. Braids are seriously cute, and believe it or not they aren't limited to just long hair. It's far easier than you might think to braid your short tresses, even if your hair is only shoulder length.

Feeling bored of your bob? Consider changing your parting. If you've currently got a central parting, consider swapping to a deep side parting, or vice-versa. But the great thing about a bob haircut is that it grows out if you really want to go back to your long hair days. Just take your hair growing vitamins, take care of your hair, and you'll be back to below the shoulder hair in no time.