What We Know About Cassie Randolph's New Boyfriend

"The Bachelor" fan favoriteĀ Cassie Randolph first rose to prominence after appearing on Colton Underwood's season of the series in 2019 (via ABC). After an unforgettable season, the California native received the final rose from Underwood, but didn't follow the tradition of ending the season with an engagement (via PopSugar). But like a lot of pairings from "The Bachelor," after a year of dating, the couple announced their breakup in May 2020 (via The Hollywood Reporter).


In September of the same year, Randolph filed restraining orders against Underwood for harassing and stalking her. According to the police report she filed, Randolph claimed Underwood put a tracking device on her car and showed up to her Los Angeles apartment and her parents' home in Huntington Beach unannounced (via People). The news of the former bachelor's alleged stalking rocked Bachelor Nation, almost as much as Underwood coming out as gay on "Good Morning America" in April of 2021. But the shocking news about her ex-boyfriend doesn't seem to be shaking Randolph's confidence, because she appears to have distanced herself and moved on with a new guy (via theĀ Daily Mail).

Cassie Randolph's new boyfriend may have called Colton Underwood out in one of his songs

The gravity of Colton Underwood's revelation does not overshadow the news that Cassie Randolph is allegedly dating rising musician Brighton Reinhardt (via TMZ). The pair have reportedly been spotted on a number of occasions, and they were even seen together in Mexico celebrating Randolph's birthday with a group of friends. The rumored couple have even started spending time with Randolph's family, and reportedly spent an afternoon at the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach with Randolph's parents and her two siblings.


A source close to Randolph told TMZ that she's been dating the musician for a few months. Reinhardt released the song "Creep" earlier this year and the lyrics are eerily representative of the allegations Randolph made against Underwood. The track features the lyrics, "You can't stop thinking about my baby / What once was yours in the world is changing / God, I hope you get your thinking right / GPS on the underside / Told her everything will be just fine / Damn, I can't believe these guys." Make of that what you will. Hopefully Reinhardt's public criticism of Underwood's mistreatment of Randolph means he'll be a much better boyfriend to the influencer.