The Sad Reason Ethan Plath Doesn't Have Many Friends

Fans of TLC's hugely popular series "Welcome to Plathville" will know that eldest son Ethan Plath has been struggling for many years with the incredibly strict, some would even say restrictive, manner in which he was raised (via SoapDirt). Season 1 showcased how the Plath family — Kim, Barry and their nine children — lived off the grid in rural Georgia, without technology or junk food to pass the time. After marrying so-called heathen Olivia, however, Ethan began to fight back. 

The sophomore season of "Welcome to Plathville" found the young man branching out to discover the joys of travel, drinking alcohol, and getting tattoos. By all accounts, Ethan's mind has been opened to everything the world has to offer, which also led him to question the way he'd been brought up. If you're wondering why the outwardly likable, good-natured if somewhat sheltered young man doesn't seem to have any real friends outside his family, the reason is clear. 

The Welcome to Plathville star grew up incredibly sheltered

During a Season 1 episode of "Welcome to Plathville," newlyweds Ethan and Olivia Plath attended a local church. Although Ethan grew up extremely religious, the Plaths didn't attend a formal parish. As a result, he didn't have much interaction with the outside world. As Olivia explained, "Ethan didn't grow up with friends, he didn't grow up with peers his age, he wasn't allowed to hang out with kids and so that kind of transferred into his young adult years where he ... didn't have any friends his age," (via YouTube). The "Welcome to Plathville" star argued how important it was for the couple to mix with people in church, acknowledging how wonderful it is to see Ethan flourishing there. 

During Season 2 of the show, it was revealed Ethan and Olivia had cut off all contact with his meddling parents, with the wedding photographer confirming to People in December 2020 they were still not speaking. According to Olivia, Ethan's parents didn't think their marriage would last, so the couple is incredibly proud of how far they've come. "I think the best part of us being married is the fact that we get to do life together as best friends," Olivia enthused, explaining, "the fact that we were able to be friends before we got married was, like, an unheard-of thing in many ways." She reckons that strong foundation helped them go the distance, noting, "I'm really, really glad he's my best friend."