The Most Shocking Reveals In Masked Singer History

"The Masked Singer" is a top-secret singing competition where celebrities from all kinds of arenas prepare themselves to face off against one another while performing in intricate ensembles and masks that hide their likeness. In season 1, the viewers watched as the creator of autotune, T-Pain, was unmasked (per Newsweek). The singing show gave way to everyone from A to D list celebrities, letting fans know that almost anyone could be up on that stage. According to TV Line, "The Masked Singer" drew in 9.4 million viewers with its first episode, making it Fox's best rated unscripted premiere in 7 years.

Each week judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke try to wrestle with the tricky clue packages to figure out which star is currently standing in front of them. With some comedic timing and educated guesses, the panel has successfully figured out a few, but most of the time, they are struggling just like the rest of us (via Gold Derby).

The robot turned out to be an unexpected rap legend

By far, the most shocking reveal to date has to be on extra-large season 3 episode that premiered right after the Super Bowl in 2020 (via CNN). When the Robot walked onto the stage, it was cute, tiny, and ready to spark up some theories. While fans and other media outlets felt it could be a country singer because of the clue that showed him being delivered in cowboy boots, the cyborg turned out to be none other than rap megastar Lil Wayne. The misleading clue was thought to be a nod at the mistake made by the American Music Award when they accidentally delivered awards to the rapper instead of Little Big Town (per TMZ). Even though the humanoid robot failed to make it to the next round, fans were thoroughly impressed with how none of the judges could guess who was under the mask. Some long-shot predictions for the star were "Jackass" star Steve- O, Flavor Flav, Olympian Shaun White, and heavy hitter Floyd Mayweather (via Heavy).

The baby alien had fans flummoxed

One of the best parts of watching "The Masked Singer" is being able to be your own detective and try to guess which star is under the costume. The clues are not easy and often have double meanings, which can lead you down a million different roads for your guesses. Enter Baby Alien, who made it extremely hard to estimate who it was thanks to its lack of a body shape. The ensemble showcased a space chair and a small martian. The costume disguised the contestant's height, weight, and gender. This character was one that everyone got wrong, multiple times, with a popular guess being actor Seth Green (per Screen Rant). Two other popular guesses were teen heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jason Segel from "How I Met Your Mother." The tiny intergalactic singer turned out to be Mark Sanchez from the New York Jets. Bleacher Report shared that the athlete learned ventriloquism specifically for the part.

Sarah Palin's performance shocked everyone

Whoever thought they would never see one of the most controversial women in politics grace the FOX stage as a fluffy pink bear clearly never watched "The Masked Singer." The 56-year-old Republican vice presidential candidate sang her heart out and gave viewers clues like a "Home Sweet Home" doormat, a "live" sign on the Saturday of a calendar, and a pair of ice skates. The poster was a clear nod to her "SNL" impersonator Tina Fey, and the skates represented her infamous speech when she joked, "They say the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull — lipstick" (via NPR). Fans were not prepared to hear the former Alaskan governor belt out Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." The only judge that came close to guessing her identity was Robin Thicke, who thought it could have been Fey, with the other panelists guessed Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure (per Woman's Day).

Aloe Blacc was one popular fungus among us

Refinery29 had the mushroom pegged as either Todrick Hall, Jaden Smith, or Pharrell Williams. Naturally, the guesses were wrong as the funky fungi turned out to be Aloe Blacc. Screen Rant placed all the clues together, noting the mushroom's height compared to host Nick Cannon's. The clues referenced that the singer had a 4.0 GPA, which granted him a scholarship to college. Blacc even sang a song by Donny Hathaway, who he mentioned was a mentor for him during the clue packages.

There is no doubt that the hit show took the world by storm, and now it is a cult favorite. Between the professional athletes, recording artists, and politicians, it is hard to guess who will grace the small stage next. But one thing is for sure it will probably be the last person you ever thought you'd see holding a microphone. For example, for years, fans have been guessing Jamie Foxx for every season; maybe he will finally be under the mask next year.