Gen Z Fashion Trends That Need To Be Left Behind

Like every generation, sometimes Gen Z gets it 100% right, like with bucket hats and cow print. They truly find the oddest trends and make them the must-haves of the season. And with the help of TikTok, more ingenious trends and styles are popping up more than ever. (We're talking about the half-and-half hoodies and painted jeans, of course). Along with that, thrifting is what everyone is doing (per Refinery29), and the environment is loving you for that.

However, Gen Z sometimes gets it oh-so-wrong. For some fashion trends, it seems like they recycle old ones and take it one step further, which no one asked for. Instead of skinny scarves, it's now full-blown scarf tops. Instead of Kim Kardashian contour, it's even more intense than that, and you use way more product than you need to. So here are a few trends Gen Z needs to let go of and let die, for the sake of fashion.

Chunky sneakers and baguette bags are not the way to go

Somehow, we've circled back to integrating scarves in our daily wardrobe, but the first thing that's got to go is the scarf top. Yes, they're super cute, but they're a recipe for disaster. One little string going undone and the whole beach will see what's underneath. Plus, they scream the early-2000s fashion era that everyone tries to forget.

The next thing that needs to go in the donate bin are baguette bags. Honestly, what all can you put in there? They're too small for school/work and too big for date night. All you can pack are your phone, keys, wallet, and maybe a couple tampons. They're sort of an awkward shape, and honestly, any other bag style is the way to go.

This next trend is just plain confusing and needs to be left behind — the odd short sweater and crop top duo. The weather has been getting weirder and weirder as every year goes by, but c'mon. Pick a sweater or a crop top, summer or winter. They're like taco-pizza, as in two great things sometimes shouldn't be combined.

This last one may be the most controversial yet, but chunky sneakers need to die. They weren't cute on our grandpas, and they aren't cute now. Most of the time, the shoes are stark white and get dirty almost instantly (via NYPost). So please, Gen Z, let's do what YouTuber Bailey Sarian says, and make good choices.