Maria Menounos Opens Up About The Heartbreaking Death Of Her Mother

On Sunday, May 2nd, Maria Menounos' mother died following complications associated with brain cancer (via USA Today). For the Greek-speaking former E! News host, the date of her mother's death holds much significance. "RIP mom," she captioned a poignant photo on Instagram — "God loved her so much he took her on greek easter." She ended the post with the phrase "Christ is risen" written in Greek.

Celebrities and former coworkers were quick to comment and leave their condolences. "RIP," Nikki Bella wrote. "Sending you and the fam so much love light and prayers." Her sister, Brie, also commented, writing: "I'm so sorry for your loss!! Sending you and the family so much love and prayers." In a similar vein, former E! News host Catt Sadler wrote: "I know one thing for certain – your mother knew the most extraordinary love there ever was to know because of you. Your devotion to her was unparalleled. She's with other angels now. Sending all my love."

According to Us Weekly, Menounos' mother, Litsa, was diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer back in 2016. In a YouTube video uploaded in April of 2021, the podcast host claimed her mother was a miracle case at that time, she'd already surpassed her initial life expectancy of 6–12 months by almost five years. Menounos also shared with fans that both of her parents survived frightening COVID-19 diagnoses.

Maria Menounos shared her mother's cancer diagnosis

While Menounos' mother undergoing cancer treatment, her daughter received a similar diagnosis: a benign golf-ball-sized brain tumor. The news came after Menounos attempted to strike a deal with a higher power, according to Us Weekly. "I was getting really frustrated because she wasn't fighting and she was doing worse," she said in an interview on "Sunday Night With Megan Kelly" in July. "I just remember praying and just saying, 'God, I wish you gave this to me because I have the fight and I have the will to beat this stuff. She doesn't.' And, uh, be careful what you wish for." 

Menounos underwent surgery to remove the tumor in 2017 and happily reported to People that the surgeons were able to take out 99.9 of it during a seven-hour procedure. Menounos told her fans that she and her mother were able to recover from their respective brain surgeries side by side, an experience she'll never forget (via YouTube).