Masters Of Flip's Kortney Wilson's Secret To Work-Life Balance Is Too Relatable

Kortney Wilson is the co-host of both HGTV's "Masters of Flip" and "Music City Fix," hosting the shows alongside her husband, Dave Wilson. The pair live and work in Nashville, Tennessee, where they've managed to flip over 50 homes, via their HGTV bios. Kortney and Dave Wilson have three children between them, and they homeschool each kid themselves in addition to flipping houses and additional responsibilities. Many fans of Kortney's want to know one thing: how on earth does she balance it all? 

When talking to 29 Secrets, Kortney explained that the moms she's talked to are also struggling. "I don't know what balance is. I talk to other moms and going wait, no, we're running out the door, we're running in the door, and we're trying to get showers done, and we're doing the best that we can," she said.

Luckily, Kortney was up to revealing the big secret about how she does it all. 

Kortney Wilson believes we don't need balance every day

As Kortney Wilson told 29 Secrets, balance isn't real. "People always say you need to find a balance and I feel like there was so much pressure on me for so many years because I felt like I didn't have balance and I was longing to find balance," she explained, "and so I felt like I wasn't achieving it, I wasn't capable of balance. And now I figured it out: balance isn't a thing."

Still, she does implement some things to get ahead of the game. "It means thinking ahead, it means proactively trying to do things before they're due," she explained, revealing that she tries to get her kids ready the night before — which results in an easy morning, which is better than being "frantic."

She added that maybe the goal should be to happy with what your life instead of trying to balance it in some perfect way, offering, "...let's just be content with where we are at instead of trying to find a balance every day, let's be content with the fact that sometimes there isn't going to be a balance, some days are going to be heavy this way and some days are going to be heavy that way."

Wilson also told This Mom Loves that her homeschooling community helps, too. "Where we live there are hundreds of homeschooled kids in our own community. Right now they are at a homeschooling event that happens every Friday where there are probably a hundred mothers. It's pretty amazing."