The Real Reason L.A. Girl Products Are So Cheap

Maybelline, NYX, Revlon, and others were the go-to products for anyone shopping at a drugstore. And, while these products are still popular to this day, they're not as affordable.

Luckily, consumers can still buy L.A. Girl for little cost. Their concealers are around $5 — what better deal can you get than that? But, it still begs the question: Why are L.A. Girl products so cheap while other drugstore brands are raising their costs?


The answer to this question lies in the purpose of L.A. Girl. According to the brand's website, its mission is to provide affordable luxury products. Well, makeup fans can truly agree — L.A. Girl is affordable and their products are to die for.

MakeupAlley also revealed that the makeup brand was founded in 1985 by Beauty 21 Cosmetics. The source added that they provide affluent makeup products from high-quality concealers to pigmented eye shadow palettes for a low price.

To raise the price of their products, L.A. Girl would be going against their purpose — to provide makeup gurus high-quality products for an affordable price, so beauty can be accessible for all.

The best L.A. Girl products to try

According to Cosmetize, L.A. Girl is known for its iconic collections of contours, lipstick, foundations, and more! These products, the outlet says, are perfect for glam or natural looks and will keep your face looking super smooth all day.


The best mascara to try, according to Cosmetize, is the L.A. Girl Oomph'D Super Black Mascara, the perfect mascara to thicken up your lashes. Not only is this product affordable — it costs $7 — but it also is super light and will not weigh your lashes down (via L.A. Girl)

Cosmetize also recommends the iconic L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. This product, according to the outlet, is long-wearing and covers up any scars, acne, or dark circles perfectly. And it has over 25 shades, which makes it one of the most inclusive concealers in the makeup industry, Cosemtize added.

And, if you're looking for e.l.f. putty primer dupe, L.A. Girl has the product for you. L.A. Girl's Pro Prep High Definition Face Primer gives you a blur effect just like e.l.f.'s, but what makes L.A. Girl's product superior is that it's lightweight, and its paraben-free and fragrance-free formula will not damage your skin! The perfect product.


L.A. Girl is affordable and inclusive. It offers quality products for such a low price. Why spend so much on drugstore brands when L.A. Girl has the same, if not better products for a lower price?