The Bedtime Secret You Need To Know If You Have Straight Hair

If you've achieved the perfect straight and silky blowout and now it's time to go to bed, you may be thinking there's nothing you can do to preserve those lustrous locks. Think again. Beauty experts have tried everything and come up with a few tips and tricks that help keep hair looking its best even as we toss and turn throughout the night.

Start by giving your hair a good brushing while you get ready for bed (via Loréal). This not only rids it of tangles, it evens out the natural oils that have a tendency to stay near your scalp.

Next, use a bit of dry shampoo on your roots before you crawl into bed, according to Byrdie. You don't need to go crazy with it, just enough to absorb the oils that your scalp will naturally produce overnight is enough. But be sure to section your hair and apply the dry shampoo around your scalp, not just straight down your main part.

What you sleep on makes a difference

Next, pin your hair up by wrapping it around your head and using bobby pins, which won't create dents. Alternatively, you could spread your hair up behind you so it spreads out on the pillow.

What kind of pillowcase you choose can make a big difference. Cotton will grab at your hair strands and create friction and frizz. To keep hair smooth, satin or silk pillowcases are recommended, according to Loréal. You can add another layer of protection by wrapping a silk scarf loosely around your locks before bed.

While your hair is covered and protecting your pillowcase from getting dirty anyway, you might as well give it a light treatment. Consider minimizing frizz by applying a small amount of a lightweight serum before bed. This will lock in moisture and help strands stay straight and shiny.

The next morning, if your look is a bit flat, try a spritz of restyling spray. They're made to bring life back to products that are in the hair, and will wake up your blowout after a night's rest (via Byrdie).